10 Most Googled Beauty Questions of 2016

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We could all do with learning more about makeup, even the most skilled of makeup artists still have lots to learn. With new trends and new techniques always cropping up out of the woodwork, there’s always things even I want to find out about and master. Whilst we’re reminiscing about the year we’ve had and hopeful about the year to come, we thought we’d revisit this year’s most coveted beauty trends and round up 10 of the most googled beauty questions this 2016.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

A common question for a common problem - hair just seems to grow so slowly. If you’ve ever had your hair chopped into a bob, you know the pain of growing it back. The best thing to do to encourage hair growth is to keep it strong, nourished and ironically, keep trimming it. Using Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo regularly can give you strong, healthy hair - the optimum condition for hair growth.

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How To Do A Smokey Eye

A question I’ve asked a few times throughout my life. I could never blend as well as others or get the right combination of colours, but I soon learned that it’s not what colours you use, or how good you are at makeup, it’s your style and your makeup you’re doing so have fun and experiment - Keep trying until you’re happy with the result! Of course, it does help to have an amazing palette like the Illamasqua Demise Interitus, Lost, Gimp, Wilt Palette and the right tools. The NARS Shader and Blending brushes would be perfect to create the perfect smokey eye effect.

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How To Do Nail Art

Nail Art can be incredible. A work of art on a single nail - the detail you can achieve is astounding. Whether you’re after a simple french tip, glitter gradient or intricate design, without the tools for it, achieving a professional standard is difficult. Using L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer however, will get you one step closer to achieving the most amazing designs possible with their thin nibs and range of pigmented lacquer.

How To Make A Face Mask

Clearing out impurities, cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating are just a few reasons for wearing a face mask. Creating your own takes few select ingredients depending on what you want the mask to achieve. You can use any household ingredient to make one; banana, vinegar, oats etc, but Facetox have taken all the hard work away by offering DIY face mask kits to extract, pull and detoxify the skin with 100% pure Aztec clay and rose water. Suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, vegan and organic, you’ve got enough for 14 separate masks to cleanse, tone, hydrate, detoxify and hydrate your skin.

How To French Braid

Using various numbers of hair strands you can achieve the most stunning hair styles for all occasions. Starting with three strands at the front of your head, pass one over then under the others and continue with each strand, taking small strands from the sides of head until you reach the nape of the neck. Keeping the braids taught, you can easily achieve a beautifully neat french braid. To keep your flyaways tamed, use Pantene Ultra Strong Hold Hairspray and use a small comb to keep the hairs in place, secure with a few bobby pins and you’re ready to go.

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How To Wash Makeup Brushes

Keeping makeup brushes clean is important if you want your skin to stay spot free. Dirty brushes harbor untold amounts of product buildup and bacteria which can cause your skin to break out. Cleaning brushes regularly keeps your skin clear and will even prolong the life of your beauty tools. You can buy special brush cleaning products like this Parian Spirit liquid and can even get cleaning tools such as this Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat that you place in your sink, however, simply using warm water and non-oily soap can give your brushes that deep clean they’re longing for.

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How To Lose Wrinkles On Forehead

An understandable question as most women over the age of 25 can start seeing visible signs of ageing on their face. Common areas of concern for women are around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. To reduce these lines, it’s advisable to start using anti-ageing skin care as early as possible to prevent the signs of ageing rather than trying to reverse it. A great product to get you started is the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Ageing Night Cream, applied every night can keep your skin silky smooth and wrinkle free.

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How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

A similar question as before, which can be answered in the same way; combating ageing before there are visible signs is the best way to stay looking younger for longer. Sweeping a moisturiser like the Elizabeth Arden night cream mentioned above, in an upwards motion from your decolletage up to your chin, and under the eyes up to your forehead, working against gravity will keep your skin supple, full of elasticity and plump. Using an under eye serum such as Decleor Serum Hydrotenseur Anti-fatigue Eye Serum deeply moisturises skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creates a firming action around the eye.

How To Get Bigger Lips

The result of the Kylie Jenners and Kardashians of this world whose lip filler injections have fuelled a plumper lip trend we all want to achieve, with or without a needle. To achieve the appearance of a full lip, there are ways around going under the knife or needle with a few simple beauty hacks. Using Huda Beauty’s Lip Contour Pencil, you can outline the lips slightly outside the natural lip line to fake that fuller pout. Gliding over your favourite Liquid Matte Lipstick, you can achieve that coveted Jenner look without the pain or permanent change!

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How To Curl Hair With Straighteners

I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible to get effortless barrel curls with a flat iron straightener, but somehow it is possible! Using a lightweight heat protection styling cream like this Label.M Sleek Blow Out Cream, clamp the hair between your straighteners and twist the barrel either towards you or away from you so the hair wraps around the rounded outer part of the barrel. Continue holding this twist whilst dragging the straighteners down the length of the hair, making sure to keep this motion continuous to prevent kinks along the hair. Alternate twisting the barrel towards you and away from you for natural looking curls. Finish with some Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volumising Hairspray for long hold effortless curls.

What trends will you be googling in 2017? If you're looking for answers to one of the above questions but aren't sure what products to use, take our beauty quiz to find out what you should be using for your skin and hair types.