10 Shocking Facts You Need To Know Before Your Next Wax

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Having baby soft, smooth skin for summer is great, sadly removing unwanted body hair is not so much fun. Especially when pre wax you don’t know these shocking facts that could mean the difference between getting a nasty infection from a dodgy salon, suffering with having to find out how to get rid of ingrown hairs to having smooth skin all year round, having the hair ripped out of our follicles painlessly and becoming besties with your waxer. Read on for the helpful facts that will make your next wax painless:

1. Do stick to a wax schedule

Get waxed religiously every three to four weeks all year round, not just the summer months. Hair will grow back sparser and be removed more easily with time. Meaning each wax session is more painless than the next.

2. Waxing your upper lip doesn’t cause wrinkles

Far from causing wrinkles, waxing is a type of exfoliant, which is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also waxing removes all of the hair at once making discomfort short lived unlike threading which whilst does a good job can be fairly uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin.

3. Don’t be afraid to leave if the room looks dirty

If the rooms looks pristine, tidy and you feel comfortable then continue with your appointment. If you see drips of wax running down the pot, no paper on the table and the esthetician doesn't wear gloves then there’s no shame in leaving.

4. Don’t shave between waxes

If you must remove a few stray hairs between waxes then use tweezers not a razor! This will ensure smooth, hair free skin for longer, as shaving will cut off the hair and it won't be long enough to wax the next time. Leaving you with uneven stragglers between waxes.

5. Do get waxed before your period

Whilst you can be more sensitive the week before your period, what can cause more pain is removing hair that’s grown too long. Just pop an ibuprofen before you go in and stick to your wax schedule.

6. Do always choose hard wax over strip wax

There are two types of wax used for hair removal. Strip wax or soft wax is liquid and is removed with strips of paper. Hard wax dries onto the skin and shrink wraps around the hairs meaning whens its removes it doesn’t tug on the delicate skin and causes less hair breakage. Which in turn can lead to ingrown hairs or stubbly patches.

7. Do wax brows every few weeks

As brows can transform your face, once you have the shape you are happy with then keep it up. By waxing every 2-3 weeks ensures defined brows all year round.

8. Don’t Forget to prevent ingrown hairs

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to getting rid of ingrown hairs. Don’t pick ingrown hairs when trying to get rid of them. This can cause scars and infections. A few days before and a few days afterwards use Skin Doctors Ingrow Go

9. Do wax your underarms

Waxing thins our underarm hair faster than anywhere else on the body. Get them waxed regularly and be confident in sleeveless tops all year round.

**10. Do exfoliate for the smoothest results **

A build-up of dead skin cells can lead to those pesky ingrown hairs. To get rid of ingrown hairs you need to get into regular exfoliation. Simply removing that layer of dead skin cells goes a long way towards removing ingrown hairs. Use a gentle exfoliator so as not to aggravate sensitive skin. Origins Smoothing Salt Body Scrub is gentle enough for even the most sensitive areas.

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