2 Great Ways To Wear The Spring Denim Beauty Trends!

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Your favorite pair of jeans may soon become your favourite new colour...for your hair!! With Denim all over the catwalks the season there’s no wonder we have seen it creeping into our beauty routines too, and we are totally into it! The one of the biggest summer hair trends that everyone is beginning to see, is denim hair!

No, its not some poor excuse for a wig, or an old jean jacket pocket as a toupee. Recently, variations of denim hair have been making rounds all instagram. From super bold tones, to washed out blues that are reminiscent of your favourite pair of vintage Levi’s 501’s. Discreetly multi-tonal, like real denim, this trend is less about the electric blue hair from last year and more about cleverly fashioning your locks to go with everything. Gorgeous washed out shades of blues, grey and indigo adorning the fashions conscious’s heads this season.

With this, as one of the leading summer hair trends there is no need to worry about your hair clashing with your outfit, the gorgeous sky hues are like denim you can wear, and let’s face it, jeans go with everything! Its also a great tend for those who don’t have time for serious barnet upkeep, as with denim it can look great a little washed out. No need for it to be supersaturated, just bear in mind that you will need to do some pretty heavy lifting to start with and bleach your hair out to take on the true blue hue.

The coolest thing about denim hair: It's so versatile. Not only are there endless combinations of these blue, gray, lilac, and opal shades to try, this type of multidimensional 'do can look like a totally different color depending on how it's styled. Feeling brave and fancy tackling the denim trend head on as it were? The W7 semi permanent hair dyes provide an instant pop of colour that will take you from drab to denim. Mix and match the lavender W7 SEmi Permanent Hair Dye Lavender £2.50 and blue W7 Semi Permanent Hair Dye Wild £2.50 shades for your perfect indigo multi tonal shade.

Love denim, but love your natural hair colour more and don't fancy dipping a toe into this summer hair trend. Denim nails are an easy way to try this trend without any lasting commitment. Topshop launched the trend at the start of the season with a collection of nail varnishes to match their denim range, and actually that’s not a bad idea. Match your nails to your fave denim all summer long.

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My current favourite JEAN-ius shades (get it) are Nails Inc Coconut Bright Portobello Terrace Nail Varnish £14.00 this breezy blue shade is the perfect pairing for vintage cut offs.

Nars Nail Polish in Ikuru Blue £13.50 is a gorgeous electric blue denim shade that will make those jean culottes pop.

If you're still not convinced enough to part with your usual deep burgandy polish then let the denim tones tempt you with Essies No More Film £6.00 this gorgeous indigo shade is a super chic and wearable way to rock the denim trend this season, and at this price is is a totally affordable option too. As a denim lover I can’t wait to try these trends and currently slicking on some denim nails as I type.

Can’t wait to match your talons to your trews? Check out our full selection of denim colour nail polishes here.

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