2 Step Skin Care Routine For That Pre-Wedding Glow

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After pigging out throughout Christmas and my new year’s diet well underway in time for my June wedding, it’s imperative that my skin care regime follows suit and is given a big revamp. Every bride-to-be dreams of perfect porcelain skin on their wedding day, with not an imperfection in sight - so starting a new skin care regime early to get rid of adult acne is important to achieving that pre-wedding glow.

I’m an occasional visitor to a sunbed or two, as the sun and a good dose of vitamin D is great for clearing up spots as well as topping up a lovely golden tan. But when does too much UV actually start to damage your skin? The sun’s rays actually account for 80% of your skin’s wrinkles with just a few moments in the sun before the damage begins. Wearing an SPF daily, even when the sun isn’t visible is imperative to keeping your skin looking young, clear and glowing in time for your big day.

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I always remove my makeup when I use a sunbed or go out in the sun, before lathering on tanning oil as I find the heat gets rid of spots as it dries out the skin. However, by not protecting my skin from the UV rays, I’m definitely doing more harm than good, just to top up my tan.

Top Tip: The higher the SPF, the longer you are protected from the sun, therefore if you’re wearing SPF 30, you can be in the sun around 30 times longer than it usually takes you to burn.

Wearing SPF from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep is the best protection your skin can get. So, to kill two birds with one stone by using Dr. Russo’s range of cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliators and serums, you can protect your skin, retain your youthfulness and get rid of adult acne before the wedding, using just 2 products each night.

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Before bed, I cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my skin to ensure my face is free from makeup and any excess oils or toxins before I go to sleep. Removing every last trace of makeup with the 2 in 1 Night Repair Cleansing Exfoliator to extract any dead skin cells and eradicate the last traces of makeup I may have missed before is the ultimate way to keep skin clean and clear, as well as enriching your face with nutrients and promote cell renewal overnight. After rinsing, skin is left smooth, pores look smaller and you can really feel the effects of the enriching ingredients on your face.

Sealing this all in with Night Repair Face Serum, your skin can get visually repaired overnight from the damage caused by daily UV exposure that’s not always immediately visible. Using pigment-lightening anti-oxidising ingredients such as vitamin A, C and E, green tea and liquorice will keep skin looking young and clear of imperfections.

This two-step skin care routine to get rid adult acne and achieve that pre-wedding glow is simple, easy and quick. Use in combination with the day cleanser and moisturiser to protect your skin all day and night with their specially developed wash-on technology and get your glow back in time for those stunning wedding photos.

For help finding skin care products that address your skin concerns in time for the big day, take our beauty quiz and receive your very own bespoke recommendations, based on your skin type.