2 Ways To Change Your Entire Look Within 5 Minutes

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When it comes to Friday nights I normally believe in dab and dash - i.e. quickly slapping on some makeup on after a full on week at work to make myself look presentable. However the times have now changed it is all about the hair, we are all slaves to our dry shampoos during the week and hair masks on Sundays but when it comes to the weekend there is a new love in town: clip on hair extensions.

My hair is naturally quite thin and shiny which is great to touch but often it lacks volume unless I invest a good half an hour to do my hair. But let's be honest, which working professional women have half an hour to do their hair these days?

I have always been quite keen to take a path down the hair extension route but I have often been quite wary of wearing long term extensions which can damage your hair and decide to opt for clip on extensions instead. My quest to finding the right hair extensions often proved itself to be challenging and very time consuming, as I didn't want to wear any extensions which are made with with real human hair as quite often the hair is sourced unethically, so I tried looking into different brands but often found the colour match wasn’t great or the texture to the hair was horrible.

However I recently came across Easilocks and although we don't stock the brand on My Beauty Matches I just had to share how great their range is.

The main reasons I think any girl who wants long hair would love them are:

  • They are just so easy to use

  • There are even super easy videos to show you how to clip them on

  • It takes 5 minutes to put them on

  • There are so many different styles

  • They look completely real and even after a month are still in great condition, just as good as new

  • Can I mention again that it took just 5 minutes to update my look for a Friday night!

With Easilocks I know I just have to apply a tinted foundation, a nude lipstick an eye shadow and my favourite Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, £24.50 and wear these super easy hair clip ons, which means in less than 10 minutes I can get ready to enjoy everything London has to offer on a night out.

Here are 3 of my before and after looks with Easilocks Red Carpet Clip Ins and Hollywood Ponytail:

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enter image description here

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Also for when you are not wearing hair extensions, if you want to find the best volumising shampoo for your hair type and length, try taking our beauty quiz which will take all the guess work out for you and provide you with free, unbiased, personalised recommendations.