14 Ways To Have Perfect Eyeliner In Under 10 Seconds

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How to apply eyeliner correctly has eluded many on us for years. On a good day eyeliner can give your eyes more definition, making eyes look bigger and more alluring. On a bad day is can smudge, be uneven, make eyes look small and piggy and ruin a good photo when it goes astray. Until recently I thought I was doomed to have wobbly eyeliner wings for the rest of my life. Then I discovered these handy, quick-fix beauty hacks to fix EVERY eyeliner issue out there. Read on to find out how to apply eyeliner correctly and fix all those wobbles in under 10 seconds flat.

1. Your less than steady hands mean your eyeliner is always wobbly.

The Fix: Sit down. Put your elbow on a flat surface aka a desk or table. And apply your eyeliner by resting your little finger on your cheek. This stablizes your arm and you are much less likely to wobble!

2. You have small eyes and line all the way round to make them bigger.

The fix: This can actually make them look smaller. Only apply eyeliner to the outer "V" corner to open up your eyes.

3. You just can’t get the hang of liquid liner.

The fix: No idea how to apply liquid eyeliner but love the inky blackness? Then begin by drawing dots along your lashline and then slowly connect them. For a steady line. This also works with dashes. Shop all liquid eyeliners.

4. You pull the sides of your face when trying to wing your eyeliner?

The fix: Don’t pull the skin on the side of your face, as this can damage the delicate eye area and cause premature wrinkles. Draw a tiny dot where you want your wing to reach to and then draw a line to it. If things get a little messy at first just dip a cotton bud in some micellar water and clean up any smudges. Honestly this really works. Even I know how to apply my eyeliner in even wings now! (can now tick off “apply perfect eyeliner” from my bucket list)

5. You always smudge your liner and then have to start your whole eye makeup look over again.

The fix: Instead of starting over, just dab on some concealer over the smudge. Tada all fixed.

6. Your eyeliner is always messy.

The Fix: Can’t get neat, thin eyeliner? Then work with it. Apply eyeliner as you please then clean up with a pointed cotton bud soaked in makeup remover until it’s the desired thickness.

7. There's a gap between your lashes and your liner.

The fix: Use a smudge brush to fill in the gaps. It works for Kate Moss, it can work for you too.

8. Your eyeliner always creases and marks your upper eyelid.

The fix: Once your eyeliner is done, dust over with a little translucent powder to seal it. This will also help it to not melt down your face on a hot day too!

9. You find eyeliner to harsh for your look

The fix: Use an eyeshadow and a liner brush to softly define your eyes instead.

10. Your eyeliner wing is more like a block than a point

The fix: Your Kohl pencil is too blunt. Keep it sharp for easy application with a handy pencil sharpener in your makeup bag

11. Colour eyeliner leaves you looking like a kid in a candy shop rather than catwalk ready.

The fix: Don’t use coloured liner on your whole eye. Just use it to line either the upper or lower lid for a fresh take on the trend.

12. Your eyeliner is always thicker on one side.

The fix: Start with the thinnest lines you can draw and if one side is still thicker then build up. If both end up being too thick go back to tip number 8.

13. You lining your lower lid with liquid liner.

the fix: This is just wrong. It’s way to bold for lower lids, not to mention messy. How do you not smudge it everywhere? To keep liner from dripping down your cheeks use only a waterproof pencil on the lower lash line.

14. You curling your lashes after applying your eyeliner and always end up smudging it.

The fix: Curl first then apply your liner, simple!

Now go forth and liner those eyes. Shop the best eyeliners available online now.

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