3 Easy Workout Moves To Rid Your Thighs Of Cellulite

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What if I told you that with a foam roller and just 10 minutes of your time a day, that in as little as 4 weeks you will actually see a visible reduction in your cellulite. That's right, that you could actually learn the secret of how to get rid of cellulite by reading this article. So what are you waiting for, read on and you will find out exactly how to get rid of cellulite in 4 weeks. All in the sake of research I put myself through a really not that grueling training regime courtesy of New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist, Sue Hitzmann's the Melt Method, all specifically designed to target and rid yourself of cellulite.

First up, what is to blame for cellulite forming, and how do we get rid of the lumpy, orange peel from our thighs? Hitzmann states that cellulite is formed no matter what your size is and it’s all due to damage to the connective collagen tissues that supports and connect everything from your skin, muscles, fat and bones.

Between your skin and muscles, there is layer of connective tissue. Imagine it to be like a jacket for your muscles. When this jacket gets damaged, dehydrated it will loose its shape, just like a jacket that’s been put in a hot wash. Once you try and squeeze your muscles into the “jacket that’s too small” and everything will bulge out the sides. This is what results in the appearance of cellulite. Which is why even when you lose weight, you can still see cellulite, as the damage has already occurred. However before you give up, there is a way to reverse this damage and rid yourself of cellulite. So we put it to the test!

The most important step, when learning how to getting rid of celluliteon your thighs is simply, move more. Sitting down all day can chronically compress the back of your legs and make the problem worse. Stand up for 5 minutes every hour, can do wonders to keeping the connective tissue healthy. So walk to the kitchen and make a cup of green tea, walk to a colleagues desk instead of emailing or take that call standing up.

Then every morning or evening, add these three simple exercise moves into your daily routine and watch how that that cellulite melts away, getting rid of it has never been so easy.

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Step 1: Lie on your back and place a foam roller underneath where your butt cheeks meet your thighs and move your legs apart and back together like you are doing star jumps. It should feel like you are massaging the backs of your thighs. Repeat this 10 times.

Then move the roller to mid thigh and repeat. Top Tip: No need to move your legs too wide, otherwise you will fall off the roller. (I did, whoops!). Then repeat once more with it just above your knee. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to do all 30 reps.

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Step 2: Get into plank position on your forearms and place the roller underneath your left inner thigh, bend your knee so your foot is almost touching your right leg to make this easier and glide back and forth with the roller along your left inner thigh using your arms for support. Do this 10 times and then bend and straighten your knee 3 times to stimulate the cells further. Then switch sides and repeat. This should take about 2 minutes and it's also great for the abs too!

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Step 3: For the final move sit up, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands behind you for support. Straighten your right leg out and place the roller at the bottom of your thigh just above the knee. Slowly roll the roller up your thigh, keeping the pressure on the inner thigh to your buttock and then shift your weight onto the outer thigh and roll down the outer thigh to the knee. Basically you are massaging the roller in a circular movement up and down your thigh. Repeat 6 times on each side. This should take about 3 minutes.

Total time 10 minutes, cellulite 0 (well it soon will be anyway!).

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