3 Foolproof Ways To Look Hot When Working Out

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If you’re anything like me, you hit the gym to look hot. Sadly my body takes me a little too literally and I end up looking boiling. As in I end up a shade between tomato and purple. Not quite what I had in mind. Top this off with sweat induced spots on your back and chest, chafing and weird splotchy rashes. The good news is that your skin responds mostly to external factors like clothing and weather, which means you can learn to control those workout induced flare ups. Just when you’re thinking, maybe I should give exercise up altogether? Don’t. Exercise increases circulation and which leads to the healthy, glowing skin we all strive for. So sadly you’d better keep squatting...or spinning...or boxing...or yoga-ing (that’s a thing I Swear).

However in true My Beauty Matches style, we’ve done all the hard work and come up with some fail safe ways to stop you getting under the collar (literally) before, during and after your workouts. Check out our workout proof tips for healthy skin to turn you from red to radiant during your workouts.

Help! Why does my face go red when I run??

This is one of the most common and not to mention embarrassing workout related skin issues around. Anyone with acne, rosacea or sensitive skin will know the pain of severe flushing. The heat and sweat combined just make for double the flare up. And even if you feel physically fine, you can look like you’ve just competed in a iron man.

This is where anti redness moisturisers are your best friend. Formulated for sensitive skin, the soothing ingredients will up your moisture barrier, make skin more resilient and therefore reduce redness. Avoid any kind of exfoliator, peel or highly active ingredients before a big workout and you will reap the rewards. Avene Antirougeurs Jour Emulsion Spf 20 Normal To Combination Skin £14.50 is my go to. Its soothing formula is packed with spring water and instantly diffuses the redness in my cheeks. One of the best tips for healthy skin - A flushers best friend!

The other trick is to keep your body temperature as low as you can during your workout, try spritzing on La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray £3.50 post workout to instantly refresh and cool down. This is a great product to have stashed in your desk drawer if you have to run back to the office. If all else fails and you’re still looking a little rosy, use Clinique Superprimer Face Primer Colour Corrects Redness £20.00 to even out your skin tone in a flash.

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Ouch, I’ve sweated off all my sun cream!

Been running around outdoors all day? Thing you have the bronzed glow of a Brazilian supermodel only to take a peek in the mirror and have something that more closely resembles a barnacled lobster than a sun kissed skin surfer because you sweated off your sun cream hours ago. We all know these SPF based tips for healthy skin and there's no excuse these days, as sun creams have got savvy. Lancaster Sun Sport Multi-protection Water And Sweat Resist Cream And Stick Spf30 £11.60 is sweat resistant and the handy stick can be easily dabbed over cheeks, lips, nose and ears to prevent any pesky burns.

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Say NO to Breakouts!

Gyms and working out can often exacerbate acne. When you get hot, natural oils from your scalp drip down your face and body and mix with your sweat. This extra oil settles into your pores and can cause breakouts anywhere from your neck, back to hairline. Don’t even get us started when your sexy yoga pants seal the oil in and cause the worse one yet - buttne.

The best tips for healthy skin To stop a spotty botty (or back etc) you need to act fast. Don’t sit in damp gym kit for hours after you workout. Take a shower or at least wipe off the worst of the sweat with a refreshing wipe like Yes To Cucumber Wipes 30 £3.99 to keep those spots at bay. If you’ve got time have a good scrub down with Dr Organic Tea Tree Body Wash £5.59. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and will help to keep pore clear and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.

With these three easy tips for healthy skin will leaving you looking hot when at the gym (or should that be keeping your cool?) you can maintain a redness - free glow before, during and after a workout. Coming from a fellow “red [workout] head” these tips really are genius.

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