3 Of The Best Ever Makeup Products For Sensitive Eyes

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This week we've assembled 3 of the best eye products to use on sensitive eyes.

Sensitive eyes can be a total nightmare. Whether you wear contacts that irritate them, weep when wearing eyeliner or even a hint of fragrance leaves you red rimmed. From the moment you put on makeup until the moment you take it off, you are seriously uncomfortable, irritated and have eyes drier than the Sahara? Does this sound familiar? According to the FDA, over 25% of women suffer adverse reactions to eye makeup and beauty products. That means 1 in 4 of you have the daily agony of stinging, watery, and even painful eyes, and are constantly on the hunt to find the best makeup for sensitive eyes, which can often be an expensive and painful task. In the past there have been 2 ways to deal with having sensitive eyes.

  1. Don’t wear makeup
  2. Grin and bear it (ouch)

If you don’t want to forgo makeup (and why should you!) wearing daily eye makeup can literally be a real pain. Well, you are finally in luck, we have found one of the best makeup brands for sensitive eyes, and it will literally change your life. Eye Care Cosmetics are a makeup brand that have been specifically formulated by ophthalmologists to care for sensitive eyes, formulated to be irritant free and don’t worry they don’t scrip on the shades (Read More: Interview With Eye Care Cosmetics: Revolutionary Makeup For Sensitive Eyes).

Read of for our list of Eyecare’s 3 best products to use on sensitive eyes:

1. Volumising Mascara, Black

When it comes to eye-watering cosmetics, mascara can be the worst offender, just thinking about plumping up those lashes can make you want to cry. However, tears at makeup time will become a thing of the past with this gentle formula. The Volumising Mascara’s formula delivers all the benefits of specifically formulated sensitive mascara, without compromising on the curl, length or volume. The brush is nickel free and the zero flake formula is perfect for contact lens wearers. Available in 4 shades from brown to blue, but this black really does give designer brands a run for their money.

2. Felt Eyeliner, Black

Do you long for Alexa Chung's cat eye eyeliner flicks, but look upon felt tip liner’s with dismay? As eyeliner simply makes your eyes water and cause you eyeliner to smudge, fade and even run? This Felt Eyeliner will actually change your life. It’s paraben alcohol, chrome and perfume free. And the easy to use felt tips allows for a precision line in deep inky black. It glides on super smoothly and really does last all day with no irritation.

3. Waterproof Jumbo Eyeshadow Crayon, Plum

This is one of the best eye makeup products for sensitive eyes that I have ever come across. For those with allergies or sensitivity that have never been able to wear eye shadow before then this Jumbo Waterproof Eyeshadow Crayon is one to try. It has been fully ophthalmologically tested and is suitable for both sensitive eyes and contact wearers alike as it’s Chrome-free, preservative-free, carmine-free, paraben-free. The versatile crayon style eye shadow glide over the lid and around the eye smoothly with no tugging. The buildable formula can be used to make high octane looks or just to provide a pearly wash of colour. The crayon style product is crease proof and can be used as a kohl or a shadow. The plum shade is perfect for testing out the AW 16 trends and is surprisingly flattering across all skin tones. With 18 colours available you can try all of this seasons makeup looks without an issues.