3 Ways To Keep Your Underarms Smoother for Longer

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Underarm hair can literally be the pits, from stubble, rashes ingrown hairs and persistent dark shadows. Now don't get me wrong, I’m all for women who don’t conform to society and bare their underarm hair with pride, go you! Sadly it’s just not for me. With summer season upon us, it seems that there’s three days a week we can wear a sleeveless top on the tube with confidence and then it comes to the in between days where you firmly keep you jacket on, even with rivulets of sweat making their way down the back on your neck instead of giving the 7.56am commuters a flash of your underarm stubble.

Models, however don’t seem to have this issue. Do you ever see a 5 o'clock shadow on the cover of vogue, or casually making their way down the Prada runway with a dark spot or ingrown hair? Nope, didn’t think so. Therefore, to celebrate all things summer, aka sleeveless tops and swimsuit season, we have come up with the best ways to fix dark underarms, stubbly underarms or how to get rid of ingrown hairs under there. Grooming your underarms can be a tedious task but by using better techniques, the results will show for themselves and that smooth feeling will last even longer. Here’s how to fix your most common underarm woes so you can have the smoothest pits ever.

1. How to avoid the 5 o’clock underarm shadow Have you ever noticed that even right after you shave your armpits are still darker than the rest of your body? This is caused by annoying stubble lurking just beneath the skin's surface.

The fix: This is more common in those who have darker hair, is it is still visible under the skin. To fix it look at hair removal techniques that go deeper than the surface unlike shaving. Hair removal creams can make the shadow less noticeable as the hair is destroyed at the follicle. Nair Tough Hair Removal Cream gets to work on even the most stubborn stubble for a silky smooth finish.

**2. How to avoid endless ingrown hairs ** Due to the heat, friction and potential for bacteria to build up underarms can be a minefield for persistent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are due to hair growing back, but instead of growing straight out of the hair follicle it can curl back under on itself and start growing under the skin. This causes inflammation, forming those pesky red bumps that look like pimples.

The fix: Regular exfoliation several times a week will remove excess buildup of sweat and dirt which can trap the hair under the skin, that forms around the hair follicles. to encourage hair to grow out and not get trapped under your skin. Pick a gentle scrub like Aveda Smoothing Body Polish packed with fine walnut shells and herbal extracts to smooth and remove impurities from the skins surface, keeping those annoying ingrown hairs at bay.

3. How to stop hair grown back so fast
By the end of the day are your armpits are already sprouting stubble again? Making sleeveless tops your worst nightmare.

The fix: For hair that grows back seemingly in the blink of an eye, try a hair inhibitor. Decleor Post Wax Double Action Gel is especially formulated to slow down hair growth, leaving skin softer between shaves and making hair removal sessions less frequent, whats not to like?

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