3 Ways To Beat Blemishes

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Blemishes happen to be one of those pesky skin imperfection problems I continuously find myself enduring a love hate relationship with. What my skin loses in spot removal it certainly makes up for in scarring and whilst blemishes are quite often an easier beauty flaw to fix, they still require the right products and patience to effectively eliminate them for good.

Why do we get blemishes?

Blemishes generally develop through the cause of excess oil production in the skin which can lead to blocked pores and blackheads forming, resulting in a spot developing. When the area is picked, squeezed or irritated quite often a blemish will appear, this can usually take 4 - 6 weeks to disappear depending on how fast your skin heals and the products you use.

What can I do to fix my blemishes?

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Start by using a cleanser which is tailored to reducing the appearance of blemishes, we love Clinique’s Anti Blemish Solutions 3 Step System, £25 which includes a clearing foam, clarifying lotion and clearing moisturiser to help remove surface blemishes and prevent prolonged scarring.

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Whilst I’m a great believer in wearing a lighter approach to makeup where possible to let my skin breathe when I’m trying to rescue the world’s worst blemish imperfection sometimes makeup just has to win.

Fight the guilty makeup ban with Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Mineral Foundation SPF 20, £39.95 which is acne and blemish friendly. Infused with micronized minerals for weightless coverage with added protection, this foundation also includes Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Pomegranate Extract to reduce inflammation, provide bacterial protection and minimize UV damage.

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Remember to also wash your makeup brushes regularly to help keep your skin clean and prevent acne blemishes from spreading further. We love Lottie London’s Soap Star Solid Brush Cleaner, £6.99

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