3 Bank Holiday Buys That Won't Break The Bank

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Everyone looks forward to bank holidays. Whether you have planned a long weekend away or are using the time for some well - deserved R&R, you will be needing some beauty essentials to see you through.

With lots of beauty releases during the last few months and beauty crazes such as metallic nails, silicone sponges and charcoal masks taking the internet by storm with beauty obsessives and novices alike trying them out. I'm using this upcoming bank holiday to test out some great beauty products and recreate some summery makeup looks that will be perfect for the scorching weather predicted for Saturday and Sunday.

Sun Protection

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With the sun promised to fill the skies this weekend, it is essential we get our skin care right in order to preserve our youthful complexion and not damage or age our skin with UV rays. I'm really keen to try this Avene High Protection SPF 50 Compact, £24 to stop my skin from being shiny and give it the necessary protection it needs during the hot weather. My skin is a tad on the oily side, so using powders and 'baking' on a daily basis ensures my skin stays matte and keeps my makeup from melting in heat. Formulated especially for super sensitive skin, this handy handbag essential uses minerals to protect from UVA and UVB rays whilst the strong pigments help to conceal any imperfections and uneven skin tone - great for when my cheeks flush in the sun. This is a great 2 - in - 1 product that won't break the bank!

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Flush Blush

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A little bit of sunburn is actually highly desired right now, with beauty gurus and bloggers going crazy over blushers. With a swift sweep over the nose, sides of the forehead and cheekbone giving the illusion of redness caused by the sun, you will be looking sun-kissed before you have even seen the sun! Teamed with a natural brow and glossed lip, your bank holiday barbecue look is ready! NARS' Orgasm Blush, £23 is my absolute favourite blusher due to its high pigmentation and subtle glisten, just one dab and you can achieve the perfect sun blushed look. A firm, but inexpensive investment, your Orgasm will see you through many months before you hit pan. Don't forget though - every product has a use - by date!

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Curl it

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I'm not sure why, but I have always loved curly hair. Having missed out on the curly hair gene from my Mother, the only time I can get curly hair is if I use a curling wand, or plait my hair wet before bed, but there's something about the sun coming out that makes me wish I could have thick curly locks, or at least a little bit wavy. The natural - ness to the look seems so effortless but could take me a fair few hours to achieve myself, so I am always on the look about for a new product to help my usually straight hair to transform into a more luscious wavy / curly look I can rock with minimal effort this bank holiday.

Aveda has created an incredible Be Curly Bundle 4 - step curling programme, £40.79 specifically designed to fight frizz, enhance curls and bring about more shine. Supposedly this only works on people already with curly hair, but I think, with consistent use, this could actually work for me. With natural semi straight / annoyingly wavy hair, the use of curling products such as creams and serums have worked for me in the past to enhance my waves or create curls, with little work on my part. This usually occurs when I use products when I am drying my hair as the wetness allows some additional manipulation of the hair follicles that you wouldn't get if you used products on dry hair. Using this trio of shampoo, conditioner and a leave - in treatment, Aveda promises to exaggerate any existing curls, so small waves in my hair could be accentuated to give a fuller, curlier look - perfect for a bank holiday BBQ at around £40 for the set. You'll thank me later!

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After a long week at work, you might find that you just want to rest on the sofa all weekend and catch up on your favourite Netflix shows, so how better to care for your skin than to use the bank holiday as time to neglect your skin care regime. Introducing deep cleansing, refreshing and brightening face masks across the weekend is an amazing way to give your skin that extra detox or kick start if needed to continue retaining its youthful glow and complexion without spending a fortune on products that don't work or aren't right for you.

For help finding skincare and makeup specific to your needs and concerns, My Beauty Matches can provide you with skin, hair and nail treatments you need to clear yourself of spots / age lines etc before you venture out on your bank holiday adventure

I know what I will be doing this bank holiday, do you?