4 Best Beauty Tips for Pregnant Mamas-To-Be

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We take a look at the best pregnancy-safe skin care products on the market with Seascape Island Apothecary.

With pregnant mamas to be cropping up everywhere we have been getting more and more questions regarding pregnancy safe skin care thrown our way. With skincare ingredients going under the spotlight (from parabens, synthetic ingredients to microbeads) over the last year it’s only natural that many people will now question what they are actually putting onto their skin, especially when it comes to being pregnant, when suddenly an act such as washing your face, moisturising your body or painting your nails become a potential minefield.

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As the skin is our largest organ, and the ingredients we put on our hair, skin and nails can actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. The does have the potential to reach and even harm your baby and it’s development. Whilst not a huge amount of ingredients have been completely ruled out for fetal health and pregnancy safe skin care, the fact that the impact of chemicals such as phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, BHAs, DEA-related ingredients and parabens have even been up for debate can make mamas-to-be uncomfortable.

Obviously, this is the last thing we want to happen at this incredible time, so to save you the stress, we have found some of the best pregnancy safe skincare products out there courtesy of the brand Seascape Island Apothecary.

1. Have the Perfect Shower Time

This is definitely not a bad wash to start your day, pregnant or not. The Seascape Soothe Body Wash contains 100% natural essential oils, No parabens, no silicones, no SLS, no petroleum, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances. Bursting with Neroli, which eases any stress or tension you may be feeling, whilst calming lavender and Ylang Ylang relaxes tired muscles and mind. More importantly it is also enriched with cruelty free, sustainable jersey Honey to lock in moisture and help skin maintain elasticity and prevent any stretch marks from forming.

2. Moisturise Well

This is one of the most important beauty habits to keep up during pregnancy, to keep skin elasticity at it’s prime (helping it to spring back to shape post pregnancy), so it’s a good idea to use a slightly more nourishing moisturiser during pregnancy. Pregnancy safe skincare brand Seascape have pulled out all the stops with their Seascape Soothe Body Butter. Its contains 100% natural essential oils of lavender, Ylang Ylang, to soothe and relax and Mandarin to rejuvenate the skin. The rich blend of Jersey Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butters and Sweet Almond Oils are rich in Omega 3, 6 and vitamin E which are some of the best ingredients for reducing stretch marks and keeping skin supple.

3. Wear Fragrance

Many perfumes with the artificial fragrance notes can leave you feeling queasy during pregnancy. However Seascape Soothe Body Mist is 100% natural fragrance of Lavender and mandarin to soothe and refresh, the subtle, delicious fragrance doesn't just need to be saved for mama’s to be either…swipes bottle

4. And Relax...

Getting enough sleep is hard enough in this day and age, let alone if you have a tiny person jiggling around when you're trying to sleep. This sleep aid is pregnancy safe and something you definitely need to incorporate into your nightly skincare routine. The Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil is a true “lullaby in a bottle”, with 100% natural Lavender to relax and calm, combined with 100% pregnancy safe skincare oils of Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Bitter Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange Peel to balance the mind and skin. Roll a small amount onto temples, pulse points or under the nose to induce a relaxing sleep.