4 Energy Boosting Ways To Beat The 4pm Slump

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I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I hit 3pm and I feel like I need a nap. Or a large cup of coffee. Or Chocolate!

You know what I mean. Generally speaking I’m quite sprightly, but that mid afternoon time zone hits me and I’m more comatose than post Christmas lunch, and craving even more food( unlike at Christmas there simply isn't any more room!) You know what I’m talking about.

Before I became a beauty editor and started to learn a lot more about what I put into and onto my body, if the afternoon slump hit me I simply would have swigged from a bucket sized latte and maybe nibbled on something sweet.

Sadly though, whilst delicious those sugary snacks and caffeine hit would give me a rapid buzz and then leave me feeling even worse than before when my sugar levels crashed. So I reinvented my diet with the help of some serious research and nutritionist findings and found that there are ways to boost your energy without crashing down harder afterwards. So if you do need to perk up at your desk, try a few of these methods and watch your energy levels carry you through until bedtime.

1. Snack Right

If you are hungry and need a pick me up stank. Stick to whole foods and proteins to give you energy without the slump. My current favorite afternoon snack is an apple and peanut butter. The apple provides the sweet hit you crave without any refined sugars and the peanut butter is a great source of protein, which will help to fill you up and keep you fuller for longer. Other great afternoon snacks are bananas, raw almonds, coconut yoghurt, hummus.

2. Be Calorie Conscious

I’m not saying starve yourself (strong is the new skinny people) but snacks should ideally be under 200 calories if you are eating regularly between meals, any more and you will be eating an extra 1400 calories a week, which is almost an extra daily intake of calories. So check the labels of any granola bars, as the added sugar could make the calorie count skyrocket.

3. Keep Hydrated

If you want to beat the mid afternoon energy slump the best thing you can do is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dehydration leads to fatigue. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol such as coffee and tea can actually dehydrate so make sure if you can't give up your afternoon latte to match it with a glass of water. In a normal day you should drink at least 2L of water so keep a big bottle on your desk to monitor your intake.

4. Refresh

If your face and eyes are starting to feel a bit dry or oily due to office air con I swear by rolling on Bakel Cools Eyes the cold metal roller ball instantly tightens and lifts to soothe a sensitive or dry eye area. Followed by a quick spritz of Caudalie Supersize Grape Water will not only do wonders for your skin, but also your mood. Enriched with moisturising polysaccharides and mineral salts it hydrates and tones dried out skin and keeps oil production at bay. (shop all toners) For a real invigorating treat, keep it in the fridge. This are my skin savior in summer months for a stuffy office. As soon as my skin feels perkier, my mind does too.

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