4 International Beauty Bloggers You Need To Know About

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Here at MBM we are always scouring the net for the latest in beauty trends to inspire our readers, from trend forums, magazines to bloggers. Being based in London we are especially curious to whats happening overseas and how women view beauty in all corners of the world, and hearing how they voice their opinions. In the wake of recently celebrating international women's day we thought we would give special mentions to these international beauty bloggers for their inspiring content and passion for all things beauty. So here’s a list of the bloggers we think you should know about and their top product picks:

Michelle Phan

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The moment we realised that bloggers had truly arrived was when Michelle Phan graced the cover of NYLON magazine. With over 8 million YouTube subscribers and a whopping 1.1 billion lifetime views, this Boston native is by far the most successful beauty blogger in the world. Over the years her blog has grown up with her and now rather than giving the standard ‘How to Contour’ tutorials she’s focusing on a more holistic outlook to beauty and lifestyle. A product she swears by - Benefit’s They’re Real Brown £18.50.

Laura Lee

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Nothing explains the art of putting on makeup with ease like an up close and personal video by Laura Lee. Relatively a newbie on the beauty blogger scene, the Albanian went from 50,000 YouTube subscribers to 700,000 in one short year. We have to admit she knows a thing or two about contouring and the the best part about her videos is that even if she is using expensive products she always makes sure she recommends some great priced alternatives. A product she swears by - Olay Essentials Wet Cleansing Wipes X20 £2.99 and Laura Mercier Highlighter.

Dress Your Face

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In the day and age where everyone seems to be taking a step back and shying away from social media, makeup artist Tamanna Roashan has embraced it whole heartedly. This half-Indian, half-Afghan, California resident travels to exotic locations and with her constant Snapchat and Instagram updates, we feel like we’re right there in the room with her. She’s putting her life, work and travels out there for the world to see, and this way her fans get to (digitally) travel her journey with her. Products she swears by - the entire Anastasia Beverly Hills range.

Bunny Meyer

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We cannot talk about beauty bloggers without mentioning superstar blogger Bunny Meyer and her crazy popular video series titled "Does This Thing Really Work?". One of the more established bloggers on the scene, she has now evolved to become an all-round lifestylist, however that doesn't discount her expertise in beauty tutorials. With 6 million YouTube subscribers under her kitty she is most loved for her gregarious personality and the fearlessness with which she tries out new products. A product she swears by - M.A.C's Ruby Woo Lipstick.

If you are also an avid reader of beauty blogs or maybe even write your own, we want to hear about them so please comment below and let us know who to check out next.

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