4 New Ways To Smell Utterly GORGEOUS This Spring

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Spring is literally in the air, you can actually smell it! Floral blooms, fresh cut grass and cherry blossom are all making their way down your olfactory organs and allowing us to reminisce of warmer days. With these scents in mind it got us thinking at My Beauty Matches about how we too, can smell as fresh as Spring, all day long.

No longer are we content with simply spritzing perfume onto the wrists and behind the ears and topping up every few hours . With summer approaching, the added heat can often make fragrance break down quicker so portable scents are a must. We check out the latest products on the market and learn there are some new ways to fragrance in town!

Ready To Roll

Jurlique have captured the essence of an English Rose garden and bottled it into this tiny fragrance roller. Jurlique Essence Of Rose Roll-on Fragrance Oil £17.50 is blended with essential oils and Shea butter to soften and protect skin, unlike may perfumes which can dry skin out due to the alcohol content.

The Balm

For those who summer from a sensitive nose, the balm could be your new best friend. With pollen on the rise, an attack of the sneezes is just around the corner and there's nothing worse than accidentally inhaling your perfume when you’ve sprayed it on. Juicy Couture (yes those of the velour tracksuit fame) have a new grown up venture that includes perfume. The Viva La Juicy Solid Perfume £13.28 with top notes of juicy mandarin and wild berries, is a feminine fragrance that evokes the scent of pure summer. The balm can be easy layered upon the skin to get the fragrance level you desire, with no need to sneeze!

In Your Hair

Label M who previously gave us salon quality hair products have branched out into fragrance. Hair being porous holds onto scent longer than skin, and a few spritz of the Label M Hair Perfume £16.95 will last for hours. The clean, fresh scent of citrus blossom, rich woods and white florals is divine, like walking through a summer meadow. Not only that, but the formula is rich in Argan oil which helps rebuild dry, damaged hair, and encases the hair shaft in a protective layer to prevent further damage. A true genius product that will be adorning my dressing table this summer!

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The Personalised blend

In this day and age we all want more for our money. We are time poor women who want multi tasking products that are easy to apply and work as hard as us through the day. By using the power of essential oils you can blend your own personalised scent that can not only smell gorgeous, but also have positive effects on your mood. Many essential oils have aromatherapeutic benefits that can affect your mood and mindset. For example if you are feeling stressed and want to calm the mind, try relaxing scents of lavender, chamomile, benzoin, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Or if you need a bit more pep in your step try blends of ginger, mandarin, lime lemon verbena and clary Sage. Mix and match your essential oils according to your mood and get the scent you really want. If you like the sound of fragrances to lift your mood but cant face the thought of mixing your own, natural beauty Brand Cowshed are one step ahead with their fragrance roll-ons. They have 7 “moods” to match your mental state for the day. A particular favourite is the Cowshed Grumpy Perfume Roll on £17.50 for a zesty hit of grapefruit neroli & linden blossom, the fresh scent will lift your mood and relieve tension.

With so many scents at your fingertips, there is no excuse for not have an exquisitely scented summer this year. I’ve packed my fragrance balm in my bag for those summer moments you want to enhance with scent.

Interested in aromatherapy? Then find out more of the benefits with Cowshed natural products full range.

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