4 Quick-Fix Cellulite Busters

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Dimples, cottage-cheese thighs, orange peel ….whatever you call it, cellulite affects 90 percent of women and getting rid of cellulite is one of the top beauty concerns that beats even acne. Genetics, along with diet and lifestyle habits all play a part in the appearance of cellulite and how noticeable it is on our bodies. Sadly, a magical cure has yet to be discovered to get rid of cellulite forever, but there are clever little ways to reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps and make them less visible, handy if you’re planning on showing some skin on Valentine’s night.

Eat well & stay hydrated

Who says diet can’t help you get rid of cellulite? The healthier your diet and lifestyle, the better you look and the less visible your cellulite will appear too. It’s not an overnight fix, but small changes to your diet such as reducing your daily intake of bad fats, sugar and salt from processed foods and instead increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and water will reduce waste and toxins in your body. Stay hydrated, start your day with a large glass of water and fresh lemon for a daily detoxifying-cleanse and top up with plenty of water throughout the day. Water helps to strengthen the collagen in your skin and helps your body to shed excess fat, reducing the look of visible lumps and bumps, getting rid of cellulite.

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Massage your legs

Show your legs a little TLC and make some time to massage them. A vigorous massage can stimulate blood flow and improve the look of dimples after just one session. The best bit? No salon required, you can do a quick at home treatment with the help of a little body oil. We love this Nuxe Body Contouring Oil for Infiltrated Cellulite £23.50 and Fushi Really Good Cellulite Oil £16 when you want to just smooth on and go.

Get your tan on

The simplest way to disguise cellulite when you’re short on time is by using an overnight self-tanner, a trick that works especially well if you’re a pale skin girl. Collistar Body-Legs Magic £27.50 gives you a radiant just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach tan and evenly covers skin, including blemishes. If you’re after a more natural looking sun-kissed glow, St Tropez Skin Illuminator Violet £19.63 adds just the right amount of shimmer for an all-over subtle finish.

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Body scrubs have been used for years as an effective remedy for cellulite reduction as they stimulate dilation, increase circulation and those containing caffeine even increase collagen production. A quick exfoliating scrub in the shower can make skin look and feel firmer – if only temporarily. The Body Shop’s Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub £14 will leave your skin feeling baby-soft, smooth and firmer.

Do these tonight for smooth and dimple-free skin tomorrow.

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