4 Signs You Should Invest In African Skincare

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Women of ancient Africa had access to many natural botanical ingredients that are widely used in natural skin care products today. Knowing the secrets that these key ingredients hold, it’s about time they gave up these secrets and we learnt why such components are so good for your skin.

Egyptians, more than any other culture in history, devoted themselves to beauty and its preservation. Their skincare secrets however, died with the last of the Ancient Egyptians, until now. Natural oils such as sweet almond, baobab and moringa, and botanical ingredients such as mango, mint, citrus, cacao, rose oil and honey are used extensively in their beauty regimes. The secret to perfect skin has finally been unlocked by the natural skin care brand Malée Natural Science.

There are 4 signs that we’ve identified that really shows you need natural skin care from Africa and have just the product for you to help combat these skin concerns.


Nothing helps the appearance of cellulite more than using a daily body scrub. The dual texture salt and sugar scrub, used in circular motions from the knee up to the hips increases circulation and redistributes fat deposits for a more even skin texture. Malée’s Conditioning Body Scrub is great for long term use and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth in no time.

Chapped Hands

Suitable for dry and chapped hands, Verdure Nourishing Hand Cream can protect and soothe your hands without inhibiting your skin's ability to breathe. Avocado oil helps soften and restore dry and damaged skin whilst the sweet almond oil which is high in fatty acids and zinc, easily penetrates into deeper layers of the skin for long lasting softness.

Sensitive Skin

During the winter time, skin becomes more sensitive and more susceptible to external irritants that may cause dryness and cracking. Those that suffer from sensitive skin can stick to natural skin care products that don’t harm or irritate the skin. Without harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens and silicones, Verdure Conditioning Body Cream is full of botanical oils that are high in enriching healing properties found only in Africa.

Dry Skin

When skin is exceptionally dry, it’s usually made worse by the cold weather and dry heat from indoor heaters. The best thing to do to improve your skin’s moisture is to lather on a thick layer of Moisturising Oil, which contains argan and coconut oil and vitamin E which will help nourish the deep layers beneath the skin’s surface and moisturise from within.

If you’re struggling to find a natural skin care brand that’s right for you, take our beauty quiz to get your personalised unbiased recommendations for your every skincare need.