4 Spring Cleaning Tips From A Beauty Blogging Pro

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Spring cleaning is usually focused on the home, wardrobe or even the kitchen but spring cleaning your makeup and beauty collection is just as important! The changing of the seasons is a great time to switch up your skincare, makeup and beauty products so you use the most seasonally appropriate products as well as using products you might have neglected or forgotten about. I am one of those people who loves organising and sorting out so every season I change up my makeup and beauty products.


The task of sorting out all of your beauty products can be a daunting task and usually you end up giving up entirely half way through therefore the answer is to categorise your collection and tackle it in stages. Tackling the task of spring cleaning, whether it’s your makeup collection, wardrobe or home, is so much easier and less stressful if it’s done in smaller sections or categories.

Multi-Use Products

If you come across products you don’t want to throw away as they are mostly full, expensive or if you don’t want to waste them then try and find a new use for them. For example, conditioners can be used as a great alternative to shaving creams, clear mascaras as brow gels, lipsticks as cream blushers, toothpaste as a surprisingly effective spot cream and so on. Also, if you have brand new products that you don’t want then have a look online for your local women's charities as you may be able to donate!

Spring CLEAN

Sticking with the theme of multi-use products, cleaning your makeup stash is also important and unwanted face washes, soaps and gentle hash washes can be used to clean your makeup brushes or hair brushes. You can also purchase specific anti-bacterial makeup cleaning solutions and sprays.

Natural Products

The change of the seasons is also the perfect time to evaluate your makeup and beauty collection and to think about the products and types of products you actually use so you don’t spend money on more products that aren’t being used. Additionally, having a clear out means switching in and swapping old products for new is easier - why not pick up natural alternatives for your regular beauty products? Some of my favourite natural brands that I cannot recommend enough include: Tisserand, Lush and Antipodes.