4 Steps To Get The Smoothest Legs Of Your Life

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After a long dreary winter we’re more than thrilled to pack away the woollens and bring out our summer skirts. While we can’t contain our glee at the prospect of spending the next few months chasing the sun, there is a lot of tedious work to be done to prepare for this season. With shorter clothes comes the need to have show off more skin which only means we need to take extra good care of it - it's a responsibility we’ve been ignoring the whole of last season. And that's why we've compiled a list of tips for healthy skin that will help you confidently don that denim mini and make some heads turn.

Step 1 - Wax ‘em

Step away from that razor, drop the hair removal cream and make an appointment with a professional beautician. Sure, it’s expensive and yes, you have to take out precious minutes from your day and spend it at a salon but trust us it’s worth it. Not only is it the best way to remove stubborn hair, it also removes the layer of dead skin cells and blackheads plus you’re less likely to get ingrown hair. If you're sensitive to hair removal treatments then pick up Paula’s Choice Clinical Redness Relief £19.50 to soothe your skin and get it ready for tan season.

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Step - 2 Exfoliate

Our legs are made of tough stuff and hence are capable of taking on stronger products than the skin on the rest of our body. Dior’s Cleansers Instant Gentle Exfoliant £26.90 contains natural exfoliating agents that help eliminate dead cells and soften skin. The treatment provides your skin with a boost, leaving it with a creamy smoothness which is much welcomed after the winter dryness.

Step - 3 Moisturise

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After you’re done exfoliating, for a glowing finish massage on Clarin’s After Sun Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser £20.10 and you’ll surprised at how smooth your legs feel. Not only that, its formula contains shea butter and watermelon extract that work together to help stimulate the natural tanning process and prolong its appearance. Another amazing product we can’t get enough of is Estee Lauder’s Body Pleasures Body Lotion £34.00. Based on Estee Lauder’s super popular fragrance, not only does this lightweight lotion absorb quickly to give you silky, soft skin but also leaves a lingering floral scent on your legs.

Step 4 - Add Some Extra Gloss

Was any one else wondering how celebrities get that envy-worthy shine on their legs when working the red carpet? Luckily for us celebrity makeup artists are more than happy to reveal their secrets. Before heading out for a special night out, apply a mixture of your preferred hydrating lotion with Rimmel’s London Good To Glow Highlighter Notting Hill Glow £4.99 on your legs. Unlike the greasy, sweaty look given by body oils, this will give your legs that subtle luminous glow you want.

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While most of us may not have the time or money for expensive spa visits, we promise with these tips for healthy skin you're sure to wow your mates with smoothest legs of your life. If you're willing to go that extra mile to show off lust-worthy legs then 40-50 squats daily is just what the (fitness) doctor ordered.

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