4 Easy Ways To Look And Feel Gorgeous Throughout Your Pregnancy

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It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be expecting. In our office building alone I can count at least 8 gorgeously glowing, (and growing) mammas to be. With one of my closest friends now expecting her first child too, she turned to me to recommend some pregnancy skin care and beauty brands and tips, that are safe and nurturing to help her feel her best, even when she can no longer see her feet.

1. Camouflage Roots

Many pregnant ladies like to stay away from the colourist during pregnancy. From the smell the the chemicals, it can be off putting, especially if you're in the nauseosus stage. But what do you do when your crown looks more stripy than sunkissed? L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Spray Concealer is an abslute bad hair day lifesaver. The temporary spray conceal greys and roots instantly and is removed by washing hair. It is smudge-proof and brush-proof and the perfect pregnancy pick me up.

2. Massage away aches and pains

During your pregnancy you may feel more comfortable avoiding chemicals, parabens, silicone's and strong fragrances. Stick to calming essential oils such as The Body Shop Lavender Home Fragrance Oil and clary sage. Dilute the essential oils with a nourishing carrier oils Meadows aroma Grape Seed Carrier Oil is rich in fatty acids, to nourish skin and prevent any stretchmarks, and give yourself a DIY massage each day with long, smooth strokes.

3. Cleanse and nuture

If pregnancy hormones have made your skin go haywire, and are suffering sensitivity or outbreaks then treat it to a calming cleanser. Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser contains thermal spring water to sooth skin and keep it supple. Follow cleansing with a nourising moisturiser, Weleda Baby Calendula Facial Cream https://www.mybeautymatches.com/weleda-baby-calendula-facial-cream is 100% natural and 96% organic, safe enough even to use on a new born babys delicate skin too.

4. Radiant Makeup

Make the most of your gorgeous natural glow and keep makeup to a minimum (you don’t need much you lucky, yummy mummy to be). Give your base some extra help by massaging in a small drop of facial oil before your base. Not only will it make you look luminous but the massaging action will help to dispel any puffiness that can arise with pregnancy. Gucci Westman, international makeup artist and mother of 3 swears by regular facial massages during pregnancy to keep her cheekbones in check.

Antipodes Divine Avocado and Rosehip Face Oil Packed with antioxidents, vitamin C, and Omega-3, 6, and 9-packed oil soothes skin, decreases pore size and promotes a healthier complexion.

Follow with 100% Natural Dr Haushka Tinted day Cream is a must have. It adds instant radiance and a veil of sun kissed coverage to your skin. If you need a little extra coverage then Vegan brand RMS is entirely chemical free and does a fabulous concealer RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Concealer For a final touch dust on a little Aveda Uruku Bronzer a universally flattering bronzer that will warm up any complexion, even if you are feeling a little green.

Shop pregnancy safe and specialised ranges, such as: Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous and Mama Mio on the site now.

Good luck all you mamas to be! We hope this helps you to feel as gorgeous as you look!

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