5 Beauty Products You Need In Your Christmas Stocking

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Even in my mid twenties I still have a stocking every year, I even know others who are in their late 30's and still get their parents to put a few smaller gifts in a stocking - to add to the thrill of waking up in Christmas morning. Just because we’re not of a child’s age anymore, doesn’t mean we don’t want to feel like a child again, just for one day.

Obviously we know Santa’s real.. (don’t ruin it for me) and are good all year and have some amazing Christmas list ideas, so we don't get that dreaded lump of coal (has anyone ever actually received one??) but we know how exciting it is to wake up early and have a few presents to open before anyone else is awake or you go and see your parents.

Whether it’s full of chocolate, silly gifts, or if you’re lucky, a couple of more expensive gifts that are small in size and your parents (I know who Santa really is don’t worry) are feeling really generous, your Christmas gift list is bound to contain such items intended to be included in your Christmas stocking. Luckily, my stocking is about 4 ft tall, so I can get larger gifts too!

Being grown up and living away from your parents makes this process a little difficult, so stockings have to wait until everyone comes round or I drive round to theirs. Usually containing a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, chocolate coins and a new cute set of pyjamas, my ‘adult’ stockings are usually filled with pieces of makeup and bath sets I’ve had my eye on and shared links with my parents.

My favourite things of course are makeup brushes, new products I’ve not had the chance to buy yet and gift sets. My favourite brand to get all this from is Benefit Cosmetics. With products spanning makeup, skincare and fragrance, there’s plenty to buy and try and make brilliant Christmas gift ideas for your stocking.

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Here’s the top 5 Benefit products you really need to put on your Christmas list:

Goof Proof Brow Pencil - £18.50

Watt’s Up - £24.50

Total Moisture Facial Cream - £29.50

Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer - £24.50

Stay Don’t Stray Primer - £20.50

With these 5 Christmas gift ideas from Benefit, you’ll have skin full of moisture, highlight for days, brows on fleek and makeup that just won’t budge - perfect for that New Year’s eve party you’ve planned.

Don’t forget to set a sale alert for your favourite products in the run up to Christmas and you’ll be the first to know if any prices are reduced, ensuring you get your faves for the best price possible.

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