5 Easy Fixes For Dry Skin Around The Eyes

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There are many reasons why the majority of us detest winter. We can whine for hours about the layers of clothing we suffocate under or the way the wind freezes our nose. However, on the beauty front, one of the lesser discussed topics is the dryness this season encourages around the eyes. It is one of the many beauty woes faced by us in this dreaded season.

While there is abundant material available on how to deal with dry skin in winter, the area around the eyes is sensitive and deserves special attention. As always, we’ve dug deep to find quick skin care tips and tricks that can help you fix this situation. Here's a combination of home remedies, as well as a few products you can pick up to help with the sensitive, dry skin around the eyes.

Rose Water + Glycerine

The first rule to keep in mind when dealing with dry skin is to never ever over-cleanse it. Instead, pick up a bottle of glycerine and rose water, both of which should be easily available at your local pharmacy, and in a small vessel mix equal quantities and apply it right after you take a shower and before you begin your morning beauty routine. This will give the dry skin around the eyes an instant hydrating boost.

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Under-Eye Face Mask

Face masks available in the market can dry out skin, with many claiming to be hydrating but actually causing the opposite effect. The key ingredients to whipping up the perfect eye mask at home are honey, banana and sweet almond oil. To prepare - mash the banana and add almond oil and honey, just enough to make a soft pulp and apply this mix to the dry skin around the eyes (just avoid getting it in them!).

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Laura Mercier’s Repair Eye Cream £62

If you prefer to steer clear of DIY masks then there is a bevy of products we can suggest. One of our favourites would have to be Laura Mercier’s Repair Eye Cream. which acts as a moisturiser and an anti-ageing product. This lightweight cream should be applied before your foundation to banish any dry skin around the eyes. With top moisturising ingredients including shea butter, rose water, glycerine and sea water it's no wonder this product is such a hydrating hero.

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-On £35

Another great treatment for dry skin around the eyes is Gatineau’s Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-On which can be applied directly (and generously) onto the sensitive skin around the eyes before bed for an overnight transformation. Alternatively if you need an on-the-go fix this product fits perfectly into even the smallest of hangbags. For an added soothing effect, store it in the fridge between uses for a cooling treatment.

Clarins Face Treatment Oil £32

This product by Clarins is specifically designed to help people with dehydrated skin. If you have medium oily skin, to tackle dry skin around the eyes try adding a few drops of it into your usual moisturiser and apply around the eyes. This nourishing product has a gorgeously fresh, citrus smell which will perk up your eyes on even the sleepiest of mornings.

If the dry skin around your eyes is in need of some intensive care, then a classic and inexpensive solution is Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly £1.69. Whilst this product might be lacking in the delicious scents and velvety feel we covet in our skin care routine, it provides fast and effective treatment of dry, cracked skin that is in need of some serious TLC. Simply apply generously to any dry patches before bed and leave to soak in overnight. It won't feel like the nicest beauty treatment in the world, but this product works.

Dry skin around the eyes is a common problem for many of us, with our peepers being busy at work throughout the day it can be easy to forget this delicate area, but to avoid premature ageing it's very important to keep this area soft, supple and healthy. The above products will all help to treat and prevent dry skin around the eyes, but it's also important to remember to remain hydrated throughout the day by consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep skin in tip-top condition.

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