5 Effective Ways To Tackle The Stubborn Blackheads On Your Nose

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Ever since the invention of the mirror, women have stood aimlessly glaring at the black specks on their noses. At one time or another we've all wondered the same things; what are they? Where do they come from? And most importantly of all, how can I get rid of them? In this article I summarise what these pesky pigmentations actually are and how to get rid of blackheads.

If you want to know how to get rid of blackheads it's first important to understand exactly what they are. Blackheads are a symptom of acne which causes clogged pores as a result of excess oil and sebum production which forms a plug. When this plus is open to the air it becomes oxidised and turns black; hence the icky black dots which plague our noses. The same phenomenon can also cause small whiteheads when the plug is not open to the air and doesn't get oxidised, which is why you may sometimes notice tiny white bumps which aren't actually infected. The nose is one of the most commonly affected places which is likely due to there being a larger number of oil glands on this part of our faces.

There are a variety of reasons which can cause the follicles in the skin to produce excess sebum but most causes relate to a change in hormonal balance including birth control, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. However some skin care products can cause blackheads by upsetting the balance of your skin, so if you suffer blackheads often try taking our online beauty quiz to find out which products are the most suitable for your skin type.

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Solution 1

If clogged pores is a common problem of yours then it may be that non-comedogenic products could be the answer to your blackhead woes, as these products are formulated specifically to avoid blocking pores. One of my favourite non-comedogenic cleansers is the Daily Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin from Cetaphil £14.77 which was formulated by dermatologists to gently cleans skin without irritating it or causing further blockages. Regular cleansing is high on any list of "how to get rid of blackheads" as by gently stripping the skin of excess oil regularly, you can prevent excessive buildup.

Solution 2

If you're suffering with large and frequently clogged pores a simple home treatment you can do to open up those babies is a quick steam, all you'll need is a large bowl full of hot water and a towel. Simply place the bowl of hot water under your face (making sure the steam isn't so hot as to hurt you, it should just be a gentle, warm flow of steam) and place the towel over your head. Then rearrange the towel so that it surrounds the bowl and covers your head and as the steam moves around your face it will open up your pores making it easier for these sebum plugs to be removed.

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Solution 3

Now that the pores are open you can apply a mask to effectively shift any remaining dirt and one great product on the market is this Quick Results Bye Bye Blackheads Mask from Joey New York £11. This gentle yet powerful blackhead treatment mask contains salicylic acid which exfoliates skin, as well as vitamin E which rejuvenates and repairs. After a short time of using this product you'll find it harder and harder to play dot-to-dot with those pesky pores.

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Solution 4

You can also make an effective pore-unclogging mask by mixing gelatine in with milk and microwaving for around 10 seconds. Once the solution is warm but not uncomfortable to touch, apply it to the problem areas of your skin and leave to set. Once the solution has dried you can peel it back and look in horror at all the nasties it unveils. If you're not sure you've got the time or culinary skills for such DIY recipes then the Glamoxy Snake Mask from Rodial £47.50 is a great alternative. The black paste sets on the skin, adhering to the pore plugs so that when you peel the mask off the excess oils and dirt come away with the mask.

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Solution 5

Another great solution for how to get rid of blackheads is this SuperMud Clearing Treatment from GlamGlow £44.99 which uses charcoal to draw impurities out of clogged pores. The great thing about this mask is you can actually see it working as dots of vacuum extractions appear through the mud when it's ready to be removed. After using this purifying mask you skin will feel softer, smoother and clogged pore-free. Once you've completed your blackhead clearing treatment it's always a good idea to splash you face with cold water as this will help the pores to close again and prevent any nasties sneaking back in.

Just the though of blackheads can make our skin crawl, with so many of us having battled clog pores for a very long time. But with these top beauty tips and online beauty buys you can effectively banish the blackhead for soft, healthy skin that's utterly flawless.

If clogged pores are getting you down and you're searching for a blackhead fighting mask, you can shop our purifying range here.

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