5 Incredible Beauty Tools You Need ASAP

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Ever seen a new beauty craze and thought the person behind it must have lost their mind? Us too, but in the end, these trends turn out to be utter genius and become every day beauty essentials for our makeup bags. The newest craze involves an odd-looking chicken fillet shaped silicone ‘sponge’ that promises to blend your foundation and any cream or liquid product to absolute perfection.

Needless to say, we’re really intrigued. Understandably, as silicone is a solid, it will not absorb any of the product as a normal sponge would. The result; a flawless finish with zero product wastage, so actually, it is kind of genius - even if it does look like you’ve used a bra insert to achieve it.

In the spirit of genius, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite beauty tools that are innovative and essential additions to your beauty bag.

The Original Beauty Blender - This teardrop shaped, edgeless high-definition makeup blender is an essential to any woman’s makeup regime. Creating a flawless base by wetting to expand and dabbing on product to spread evenly and impeccably creaseless coverage.

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush - Perfect for applying makeup on the go, this brush is not only folds up to fit in your purse, but also expands to include a large bronzer brush for even coverage and perfect blending.

NARS Applications Eyelash Curler - This robust curler will fit any length lashes and eye shapes to effortlessly curl your lashes to create a natural wide eyed lash look that’s suitable for day or night.

High Definition Angled Brow Brush - Brows are still the most important feature to enhance at the moment, with sleek angled brows, highlighted to perfection, this brush will get you your brows on fleek this year.

Anne Semonin Cellulose Sponges - Rather than applying makeup, these sponges remove it! Swelling up twice their size, these sponges are great for cleansing the skin of all traces of makeup, as if my magic!

Including these 5 tools in your makeup bag will be the best decision you’ve made this year, how better to start the new year than with flawless skin, curled lashes, brows on fleek and bronzed perfection. Be sure to keep them clean and product free!

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