5 Minutes to Perfect Skin with International Makeup Artist Lara Himpelmann

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Lara Himpelmann is one of London’s most renowned makeup artists, and with her impressive list of clients that span from Dazed and Confused, Hunger Magazine, The Metro, All Saints, Jimmy Choo, Lipsy and Jigsaw to name just a few it’s easy to see why. Lara’s interest in makeup was influenced by her fine art background having studied a degree in Make-up and Art theory back in 2009.

Since then, Lara has built up her impressive career accross Film, TV, Theatre and Fashion for the past 6 years, whilst also Associate lecturing in Art Theory and Practical Makeup Design at Southampton Solent University. Now Lara works mainly now in Fashion, shooting for magazines as well as fashion week in Paris and London, celebrity and private clients.

I was lucky enough to grab 5 minutes of the lovely Lara’s time to get some skincare tips and tricks for oily skin, and here’s what our skincare expert says:

1) Know your skin type: There are so many makeup tutorials, articles and how-to guides telling us how to get ‘the perfect glow’. It’s what every woman wants, we all want to be told by our boyfriends, girlfriends, friend’s Nan that our skin looks great. But before you can get started it’s important to aim your research at the skin you have. So even if you’re already a bit oily, with the kind of enthusiastic pores that are naturally "glowing" by 11am, there is still hope for perfect skin!

I’ve been a makeup artist for the past 6 years and have worked on every different type of skin imaginable. Granted, oily and combination skin isn’t all that common with fashion industry models blessed with baby skin (eurgh, lucky them!), however private clients and I aren’t always so lucky.

2) Perfect Skin starts with the Prep: I definitely fall into the oily skin type, so tend to find that skin prep is the one of the most important steps in my morning beauty regime. I’m currently using Neal’s Yard Purifying Palmarosa Facial Wash and Purifying Palmarose Daily Moisture. Not only are their products 100% organic and paraben-free, they deeply cleanse and naturally smell great, whilst most importantly staying super gentle. I also love Clarins Lotus Face Treatment oil £33.00 pressed onto the whole face (or just your oily bits) a few times a week. Overnight, it tricks your skin into thinking it’s producing enough of it’s own oil, which in turn makes it produce less; the next day skin is noticeably less of a shine battle.

3) The Perfect Base: Once my base is applied – I’m currently really loving two products, YSL Forever Light Creator Colour Corrector CC Creme £29.50 which noticeably helps to smooth and refine my skin as well as shrink open pores (even my boyfriend noticed!) buffed in with a few drops of Armani Maestro foundation £47.50. This is great for a light-medium coverage and is powder-free for a non-cakey finish.

4) Keep It Matte: Powder is always a tricky one for oily skins who still want to look ‘glowing’ but need makeup to stay on all day or night. I love MAC blot powder as it doesn’t build up if used more than a few times a day, and keeps skin relatively matt and smooth.

If you’re in need of something longer lasting, my secret party, or stressful day of meetings, skin tip is Milk of Magnesia. Yep, the common over-the-counter laxative. It works a treat to mattify the skin for hours, due to an active ingredient called Magnesium Hydroxide, which absorbs lipids on the skin. I don’t recommend using it every day as it can have a drying effect if used long-term, but it works perfectly as a quick, guaranteed matt fix. Pat it on gently with fingers after foundation on all oily areas.

5) Get the Glow:

Once completely matt, it’s important to know where to bring back the glow. A good tip is to imagine the highlighted areas of your face in the shape of the letter ‘I’ (straight down the centre of your nose and across the cupid’s bow) and 2 ‘C’s mirrored on either side of your eyes (brow bone and top of cheekbone.) I love Rodial’s new illuminating powder http://www.rodial.co.uk/instaglam-compact-deluxe-illuminating-powder or if you prefer using a cream, MAC strobe cream is my favourite, lightly blended with a fan brush.

So there you have 5 top tips to get perfect skin from the lovely Lara. For further examples of Lara’s work check out her fab instagram @larahimpelmann or get in touch via her website www.larahimpelmann.com

If there is anything else you would like expert advice on, we want to hear about it! So get in touch.

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