5 Perfect Gifts To Buy Someone Who's Expecting A Baby

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_The age old baby shower conundrum: do you buy a gift for the baby or the mother to be? After nearly 9 months of creating a new human, she might want something for herself. We wholeheartedly agree, she damn well deserves it too. Whether it’s a pregnancy skin care treat or a simple luxurious lipstick to make her look even more gorgeous, we have just the gifts for you to give. _

When it comes to impending motherhood there is a lot to think about and even more to buy. From nappies, prams, clothing, baby gates, car seats in between all those trips to mothercare it’s hard to justify buying something for yourself. So when the baby shower comes along, instead of buying an adorable little outfit (she probably already owns a LOT) when not spend the money on the mama to be instead, just for her, after all, she has done quite a lot of the hard work.

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1. Pregnancy Skincare Treats

Growing a human can really take it’s toll, from back pain to achy legs, swollen ankles to cramps. Treat mum to some seriously relaxing pregnancy skin care in the form of a nourishing pregnancy skincare set specifically designed to take care of all those pregnancy niggles. This exclusive online collection Elemis Pregnancy Programme For New Mums And Mums-to-be contains a skin nourishing shower gel, Japanese Camellia Oil- perfect for massaging achy muscles and keeping stretch marks at bay and and instant refreshing gel to soothe swollen ankles and hot feet. A spa inspired treat that won’t cause the stress of having to leave the house. This collection is pregnancy safe and a utterly luxurious, perfect to de-stress and promote wellness.

2. At Home Facial

The archetypal glowing pregnancy skin can often not be the case. Raging hormones can actually make skin go haywire leaving mums to be blotchy, blemished, and far from glowing. Creme De La Mer The Hydrating Facial Masks are utterly sumptuous. They contain 6 pure cotton masks that saturate dry, dehydrated skin leaving it hydrated, nourished and glowing. Use weekly or monthly for 6 indulgent facial treatments will will definitely put you in the running for godmother status.

3. Lipstick

When pregnant suddenly your beauty regime brings all kinds of hazards that never even crossed your mind before. Aka the ingredient minefield. Worrying about parabens, sulfates, essential oil percentages and phthalates happens. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Chase Your Dreams is a creamy, super hydrating, suits all skintones hydrating formula. Or should that be super formula? It’s paraben free, packed with antioxidants, increased lip hydration by 82% and it’s sleek gold packaging is definitely easy on the eyes. A definite pregnancy skincare pick-me-up worth present.

4. Sea Salt Hair Spray

Because, sometimes with a newborn baby, showering does not take precedent, and even when it does, time for an entire hair wash can seem as rare as Christmas. Therefore learning to make your hair look good when it hasn't seen shampoo in 4 days becomes your new obsession. Which brings us to excellent pregnancy gift no 4: Salt spray. Specifically David Mallett Australian Salt Spray a additive and preservative free hair styling tool with the added benefits of magnesium and calcium, which not only increase volume in hair but are also important minerals to take when pregnany to support strong fetal growth. How’s that for a thoughtful gift?

5. Sleep

It’s important in pregnancy to take care of not only your skin but your mind too. This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Roller Ball is proof that the best things come in small packages.

Created to help you breathe calmly and relax the senses, counteracting physical and mental fatigue enabling you to get a fully a rejuvenated night's sleep even if a little someone is kicking away. Pop it in your handbag during and after pregnancy for whenever you need to relax. A thoughtful gift that really is the one thing a new mums can't buy - sleep.