5 Secrets Makeup Artists Don’t Want You to Know

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We all look longingly at celebs like Cara Delevigne, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Aniston, but a lot of us feel that achieving their makeup look is impossible without the help of a pro makeup artist. But what they don’t tell you is that a good makeup look always starts with your skincare. For those with sensitive skin, it’s just that little bit harder as finding sensitive skin care and makeup can be difficult.

Starting from the bottom up, your skin is the most important thing to consider when thinking about what makeup and skincare to use to keep you flawless without irritating your face. We’ve dug around and found these five secrets makeup artists really don’t want you to know.

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1.You can mix your foundation shade by yourself! No need to go and get colour matched, as you can make your own shade! If you don’t have time to visit your local store to be colour matched by a pro, simply mix two shades together to get your desired shade. Makeup artists don’t go around carrying every shade, they get a few shades and mix them. No more embarrassing foundation lines! If you suffer from sensitive skin, you’ll need to find mineral allergy-tested products that won’t irritate your skin. You can do this with liquids, creams or powders such as the Eye Care Cosmetics Cream Foundation.

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2. Makeup lasts a lot longer with a bit of primer Many people forget what a great tool primer is for long lasting makeup. Going to a pro, you think they’re magic for making your makeup last all day, but really, it’s all about the type of makeup they use and the base they create. The perfect primer can help makeup last over 18 hours and increase durability through rain, shine, humidity and heat. Sensitive skin sufferers, have no fear, this Moisturising Base from Lin & Lo will nourish your skin and help you makeup stay for longer.

3. Learn what colours go with your skin tone Knowing which colours are most suited to your skin tone is a great way to master your own makeup. If you have a pink undertone, keep to orangey shades like this Coral Lip gloss, if your skin has a yellow undertone, keep to pinky shades like this Lipstick in Shiny Pink Kiss. Those with sensitive skin, may also suffer from redness due to the irritation, so try and stay away from shades that may highlight this redness.

4. Take care of your skin without makeup Of course makeup can hide even the biggest of skin imperfections, but to make your life much easier, and be kinder to your pockets, looking after your skin day and night will help you achieve that luminous perfect complexion. If you suffer from dry, irritable skin, Eye Care Cosmetics can be your sensitive skin care saviour as there are no parabens and have been dermatologically tested on all skin types to ensure no irritation is caused. [Read more: 3 Of The Best Ever Makeup Products for Sensitive Eyes].

5. Know your skin type The most important tip of them all is to know what type of skin you have and what sort of products you need. If your face is tingling and stinging when you apply creams, makeup and serums, you’ll most likely have sensitive skin and need appropriate products to stop any irritation, rashes, redness etc. If your face is dry when you first wake up, you need deeply moisturising products, if your skin is oily and shiny, you need oil balancing products and if your face is in between or no different from the night before, you have a selection of products you can use dependent on how your skin is any given day.

To help you find these matching products, take our beauty quiz to find the perfect sensitive skin care, oil balancing serum or hydrating moisturiser that’s personally recommended to you.

Makeup artists are masters at their craft, knowing exactly what product you’ll need on your wedding day or for a special occasion. With these 5 secrets, you’ll feel more confident to try it out yourself in no time.