5 Sheet Masks You Need To Get Perfect Skin

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Sheet masks are a big trend currently, with brands coming up with new innovative ways to get clear, bright, wrinkle-free healthy skin whilst relaxing after a long day at work. Getting perfect skin is as easy as incorporating a sheet mask into your daily or weekly regime.

I once saw an article on a 40-something lady who wore a face mask every single day without fail for 20+ years and she still looks 18 years old. So there are definitely incredible benefits to wearing them and is a great tip for healthy skin. You could even add them in once a week and make Sundays your day of rest and relaxation. With just a few seconds to apply, 20-odd minutes to work their magic then a second to remove, they’re a lot less hassle than clay/mud masks and don’t stop you from getting on with your tasks and chores - you could even wear one whilst at work!

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With my wedding just a few months away, I’ve been in the search for something to clear my skin, give me a radiant glow and ultimately, find tips for healthier skin that don’t take away from my busy schedule.

From ‘wonder-masks’ and playful gimmicks, we’ve found 5 of the best sheet masks you need to get to achieve perfect glowing skin.

When asking makeup artists and skincare experts for tips for healthy skin, a number of them recommended this sheet mask. Mainly for the wonders it does to hydrate and soothe skin after a long day working in the city. The StarSkin Master Cleanser Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is a multi-action mask combines the purifying properties of seaweed with a super-moisturising, anti-ageing serum. Hand-cut from pure sea kelp leaves, each mask is naturally fermented for 20 days to boost its efficacy then infused with over 31 powerful plant extracts. Rich in marine nutrients, sea kelp not only draws out toxins from the skin but has a naturally cooling effect that helps to shrink pores.

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Treat your skin to the brightening benefits of the Estee Lauder Crescent White Sheet Mask, an intensive, hydrating facial treatment that hydrates, plumps, brightens and soothes. Dedicated to evening-out and brightening your complexion, the hydrating mask utilises naturally-derived botanicals that work with your skin's natural cycle to help repair and prevent the look of dark spots; inspiring an even toned complexion with restored luminosity. Infused with spot-correcting actives, each individually wrapped mask helps combat dullness and uneven tone to reveal a naturally radiant complexion.

Lancer Lift and Plump Sheet Mask is infused with key anti-ageing ingredients that perform a tightening and lifting effect on skin. Intensely hydrating, the disposable sheet mask harnesses the age-defying properties of apple stem-cell compounds to help firm the appearance of skin, whilst rose water replenishes moisture for a softer, youthful-looking complexion. This is a great tip for healthy skin and certainly one to keep your skin pampered, hydrated and perfect with continued use.

Unclog pores and restore damaged skin, with this Erno Laszlo White Marble Sheet Mask that contains clarifying yuzu fruit extract to achieve a balanced complexion, as well as anti-oxidants performing against colour loss. This mask helps soothe, refine and re-hydrate the skin, offering a balanced, even tone to achieve a natural, replenished look.

An incredible Korean skin care tip for healthy skin lies in their innovative yet bizarre skincare ingredients such as horse oil. The TonyMoly Premium Rx Horseyu Mask Sheet is a moisturising & whitening facial mask sheet that features a double layer sheet that gently clings to your skin to deliver concentrated essence of horse oil sourced from the pristine environs of Jeju. It forms a moisturising layer on skin to prevent tightness and strengthens skin barriers & improves dry rough skin. Prolonged use can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines helping skin to appear dewier, firmer, smoother, more radiant & healthier looking.

Gone are the days of bad skin, wrinkles and dull, dry skin and say hello to super hydrated, perfect healthy skin. It’s time to get buying! If you need help finding a skin treatment, mask or peel, take our beauty quiz to receive unbiased personalised recommendations so you’ll be sure to find something for your skin type that will address your personal skin concerns.