5 Steps To A Perfect Pout This Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day, much like Marmite, has a way of splitting the masses. Some of you will be happy as a clam come the 14th of February, looking forward to an evening of wining, dining and a little romance. Others of you may be venomously cursing the commercial, false holiday that’s just designed to make people spend money whilst downing a second glass of Rose. However you feel about the day of love, it’s never a bad idea to give your lips some TLC during the colder months and hey who knows, if the day does take a turn for the better at least you’ll be prepped and ready. Here are our favourite lip treatments and pout perfecting tips to give you gorgeously kissable lips in time for Valentine’s Day.

Step 1, Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

We’ve all experience a bit of chap on our lips at some time in our lives and it can be extremely hard not to to pick or chew at the dead skin that clings to dry lips. Before you can start applying any lipstick (to avoid a rather unattractive, textured effect) it’s best to give your lips a good scrub. After all, you exfoliate the rest of your body so why leave out those beauties? One of our favourites is this FabuLips Lip Scrub from Bliss £11.20. This exfoliating lip treatment removes chapped skin for a beautiful smooth finish which helps lipstick to last longer. Containing finely granulated sugar, almond and walnut shell this vanilla and orange flavoured scrub buffs away flakey skin whilst nourishing oils and vitamins leave lips soft and smooth. However, it is important to note this product CONTAINS NUTS and so if you have a nut allergy we strongly recommend you don’t use this product. If you do have a nut allergy, why not try making a gorgeous lip scrub at home by combining sugar and honey and gently rubbing on your lips, it’s a safe, delicious and edible alternative!

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Step 2, Romantic Rehydration

Now your lips are buffed to perfection it’s time to give them a little lovin’ with an intensive moisturising treatment. One great product on the market is this Eight Hour Intense Repair Treatment from Elizabeth Arden £20 which heals sensitive lips with an intensely moisturising formulae which strengthens the lips. Stronger lips means less chapping and fewer splits leading to healthier, gorgeous looking lips in the long term.

Step 3: Protect Those Pretties

The best defense against sore chapped lips that split easily is prevention, by carrying around a reliable lip balm that you can apply at the first signs of dryness you can stop any longterm damage occuring. You’ll need to pick a product that is suitable for your skin specifically as it’s likely you’ll be using it frequently, if you’re not sure which lip balms are suitable for you try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to gain access to your beauty matches. One ole’ reliable lip balm is the Lip Therapy range from Vaseline and we particularly love the Cocoa Butter £1.29 variety which smells absolutely delicious. The benefit of these lip balms is that they last for months, so as long as you can manage not to lose it you’ll have a lip balm saviour that will stay by your side for the best part of a year. Afterall, romance is all about loyalty…

Step 4, Plump It, Louder…

Nothing beats the bee stung lip look but without getting into the painful world of fillers and implants, how can you get those Angelina Jolie smackers we all covet so? After the disastrous shot-glass lip plumping trend that was fuelled by Kylie Jenner (you can see the horrific aftermath here) we think it’s best to stick with the safe options when date night is imminent. There are many, totally safe, lip plumping treatments available such as this Transformulas Lip Volume in Chocolate £26.12. This volumizing lip treatment contains lipopeptides which stimulate tissue regeneration meaning your lips stay fuller for longer. It also contains anti-ageing ingredients which will dissolve fine lines and leave you with a perfect, plumped up pout. Upon application this lip treatment awakens your lips with a cool, tingling sensation that gets pretty addictive - so if you happen to share a kiss with a special someone this Valentine’s you may find them coming back for more...

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Step 5, Heart-Warming Hues

You’ve got gorgeous, plump and conditioned lips, there’s only one thing left to find, the perfect alluring lip colour to entice your valentine. There is a huge variety of lipstick colours and textures to choose from out there, it can feel impossible to choose just one. If you’d like to read our review of the best long lasting lipstick colours you can check it out here. However, one of our favourites for plumping your pout is this Glamstick Tinted Lip Butter in Psycho from Rodial £22.03. Containing hyaluronic spheres this product nourishes and plumps lips leaving you with a fuller, softer pout. It’s also infused with a light coconut flavour so your lips will look, smell and taste totally kissable.

Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, follow these steps and we promise you’ll have an irresistible pout come February 14th. It’s the safest way to ensure fuller lips without resorting to some very expensive, painful and unsafe d.i.y procedures, so we recommend you put the shot glass down. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town this Valentine’s day, or staying in for an evening of romance, at My Beauty Matches we hope you have a fabulous evening and enjoy your gorgeous new pout. Who said looking beautiful has to be for the benefit of someone else?

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