5 Ways To Fix Cellulite

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Whilst browsing over lots of SPF’s and lining up my balayage hair appointments in time for my annual beach holiday happen to be just 2 of my highlights for this month, it is also a time where I pay a huge amount of attention to reflecting on my not - so - nice nitty gritty areas, which urgently require a superpower fix before I embark on the trip of a lifetime.

As body confidence levels go, I’m not the most confident when it comes to showcasing my legs and generally find myself reaching for the longest over sized maxi dress I can find, to hide away my wobbly thighs and cover up my pet hate area of cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

The effect of cellulite escalates as we become older due to our collagen fibers weakening which leads to fat, lymphatic fluid and water clumping together and being pushed upwards, which creates a dimpled effect across certain areas of the body. 'Even skinny people get cellulite,' explains Dermatologist Dr Ariel Haus who adds that 95% of women have a type of cellulite somewhere on their body. He adds further that 'Cellulite is often hereditary, so it’s likely your family members will suffer from the same problem too.’ (www.drhausdermatology.com)

With the odds highly stacked against the wrath of dimpled skin across my thighs and derriere these are the top steps I depend on to resolve the pest of the orange peel.

Step 1 - Increase Your Water Intake

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Whilst increasing your hydration intake is something we preach A LOT here at My Beauty Matches, we really do believe in the powers of the sacred saviour especially when it comes to tackling the appearance of cellulite. To kick start the effects of any cellulite product or body detox, my top tip would be to cut out sugary drinks and snacks all together and instead focus on at drinking as much water and herbal tea as possible, your body will thank you by delivering quicker results and more importantly you will feel better for it too.

Step 2 - Start Body Brushing

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Throughout my journey to banishing every inch of cellulite across my body, I’ve found that dry body brushing works exceptionally well to increase blood circulation and reduce the appearance of wobbly areas. Currently I am using Calcot Manor’s Exfoliating Massage Brush, £4 which is the perfect place to start for a fuss - free reasonably priced approach to cellulite.

Step 3 - Scrub The Cellulite Away enter image description here

Body scrubs are a fantastic way to tackling dimply skin, try massaging in this Original Coffee Scrub, £12.99 from Frank Body into damp skin 3 - 5 times a week and fast track your way to the art of smoother, dimple free legs, bums and tums in no time.

Step 4 - Firm And Tone enter image description here

Firm and improve the texture of your skin with Nip + Fab’s Cellulite Fix, £18.25, infused with caffeine and indian forskolin this particular cellulite sculpting buster helps to eliminate fat cells and disguise the appearance of uneven areas.

Step 5 - Tighten And Encourage Circulation

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For advanced cellulite which needs an immediate helping hand try massaging in Sisley’s Cellulinov Intensive Anti - Cellulite Body Care, £139 in small circles every morning and evening to encourage circulation and tighten and tone your skin.

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Finding the right anti - cellulite product for your age, skin type and body area couldn't be easier. Try taking our beauty quiz which will take all the guess work out for you and provide you with free, unbiased, personalised recommendations.