5 Stress-Free Tanning Products That Actually Work

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Since it’s already summertime and the sun’s smiling bright you may be wondering why we’re suggesting tanning products when you could just lay out in your neighbourhood park with a chilled bottle of white wine and some friends to keep you company? A fact you might find surprising is that everyone, no matter the colour of their complexion could use a little help from some tanning products - it’s all about speeding up the process. So presenting a list of must-have beauty products that are going to get you that scrumptious golden-brown glow. Without further ado, let’s get baking (safely of course!).

Lancaster Self Tan Preparer Sun Preparing Hydrating Water £15.95

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For a long-lasting sun kissed complexion, Lancaster Tan Preparer Sun Preparing Hydrating Water may be the product your beauty shelf needs. It is lightweight and hydrating water that contains Tan Activator Complex, enriched with sweet orange to help stimulate melanin production. This refreshing product provides correct distribution in order to build a smooth, vibrant tan once your skin is exposed to the sun. The formula is also blended with glycerol to moisture your skin and provide it with much needed nourishment.

Fake Bake’s Amplify Daily Gradual Tan £16.00

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Fake Bake’s Amplify Daily Gradual Tan is a tanning body lotion that helps promote melanin production and develop a gradual tan so incorporate this one in your daily routine, all year long, for it is the perfect skin-perfecting primer that helps achieve a coveted radiant sun-kissed look. It contains naturally derived ingredients to hydrate your skin and at the same time extends the life of your natural tan.

St Tropez’s Gradual Tan Plus Anti Ageing Face £15.96

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This product provides dual functions - anti-ageing benefits as well as a tan enhancers. Ideal for all skin types, this product by St Tropez glides effortlessly onto the body to provide a sheer, streak-free finish, whilst delivering gradual colour. Its formula helps you flaunt a soothe nourished skin which is firm and youthful.

Clinique’s Face Bronzing Gel Tint £16.20

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Before heading out for the night, on your face apply Bronzing Gel Tint from Clinique as its lightweight and non-sticky oil-free formula helps add a hint of colour to your complexion. The fast-drying, self-tanning gel leaves you with a sun-kissed, natural glow and promises a streak-free finish every single time.

Esthederm’s Adaptasun Extreme Sun Tanning Body Lotion £42.50

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Esthederm's Adaptasun Extreme Sun Tanning Body Lotion is a product that stimulates, enhances and intensifies your tan. After regular usage you’ll notice that your skin is left velvety-soft. Major plus : it protects you from both UVB and UVA rays and helps activate the natural pigmentation process to prevents photo-ageing. The gorgeous result is a deeper, quicker and long-lasting tan.

The important thing about using these products is that it’s not only about being shades darker than your skin tone, but it’s also about evening out your complexion. Use this skin care tips and tricks and get ready to flaunt the most gorgeously brown skin of your life!

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