4 Super-Quick Hairstyles for Work

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If we could have our way then we would have at-home make up and hair appointments every single morning. We’d hire a makeup artist to make light work of our contouring and a professional stylist to tend to our tresses while we post it on Instagram and Snapchat. But like Taylor Swift said - “I’m not a Kardashian and this ain’t a reality TV show’ (or something to that effect.) Sadly, we aren't all lucky enough to have a stylist on hand to attend to our tresses each day. So since we, ourselves are the ones responsible for looking put-together every single morning, it’s time to learn some tricks of the trade, for speedy hairstyles that will make people think you have got a hair and makeup team hiding at home. Here’s a few of the best tips for healthy hair looks to try out everyday of the week.

How To Get The Messy Bun Right

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Now, we've all been guilty of simply tossing our hair in a bun, as we didn't have time to wash our hair let alone style them. However this simple look is a great way to look put together in a flash. Start by spraying on some dry shampoo to give your hair more texture and then using your hands, create a tight ponytail. Twist the pony tail into a bun by tucking the end of the hair below the bun - finish the look by spritzing on some flexible hair spray (Sachajuan Hairspray - Light & Flexible £19.00). Don’t worry about it looking too neat - the perfect messy bun always has some artful tendrils.

The Slick Ponytail

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Long gone are the school girl ponytails, they have now evolved to become slick and secure. To achieve this look, blow out your hair and spray some volumiser at the crown. The trick to getting a celebrity blowout in minutes is to hold the hairdryer vertically and work downwards. Now, using a thin comb, secure the hair into a high ponytail and you’re ready with a perfect style for second day hair.

A Deep Side Parting

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Start with the standard shampoo and conditioning routine and then work wet hair with a volumaniser - we recommend Ojon’s Volume Advance Volumizing Mousse. Next, as you blow dryer, fluff your your hair with your fingers to give some added texture and working your way from the crown to the ends. Using hair pins, pull the wavy locks into an deep side parting. To add texture, finish off with a dry shampoo (the dependable Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.48 will suffice). This easy method combines to give you soft waves complemented by a glossy finish.

The Low-Key Braid

Again, start by spraying on dry shampoo from the root to your tips then part your hair into three sections and pull it into a low, loose pony tail. Then braid and secure your locks with a thin band. Use hair pins and spritz on Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volumising Hairspray £1.75 to secure hair from the top sides to ensure it doesn't come undone during the course of your day.

With these tips for healthy and hairstyles, you can be out the door in 5 minutes and no-one needs to know if you haven't had time to wash and go.

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