6 Best Beauty Apps For Time Poor Women

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Honestly, these are the best beauty apps around, and they will change your life…

As time poor, working women or busy mums we often don’t have as much time to call our friends let alone use our phones to their full potential. Yet, we can all see that technology is advancing before our eyes. Whilst we may be reticent to embrace it fully - who has the energy to research every new ap under the sun, and who hasn’t had a disappointing download? However anything that makes our life easier has got to be a plus. On that note, we have done the hard work for you and found 5 best beauty apps that will help save time, make you life smoother, easier and more organised. And give you a motivational push when you need it too.

Here are the 6 of the very best beauty apps you NEED to download now…

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1) Colour Genius By Loreal Paris FREE IOS and Android

A recent discovery of mine. The brains at L'Oréal Paris have taken the stress out of our makeup routine with this beauty app. No longer do you need to decide what colour makeup will go with your outfit as this app does it for you based upon the colour of your clothes, what time of day it is (as rocking a burgundy lip on a spring morning can be difficult) and location. It then suggests a lip, eye and nail colour. You can pick between matching, blending or clashing if you feel daring and if you don’t have time to test a nail shade, simply take a snap of your hand and it will superimpose the colour on your nails so you can see what it looks like). Use this app to shake up your make up this summer and get you out of your makeup rut.

2) Digipill - Sleep Relaxation and Mindfulness FREE, IOS and Android

This health and beauty app has been specifically designed to help issues we come across every day. From quitting smoking, confidence building and getting more sleep. Simply choose a “pill” to suit the issue you need help with and plug in. Great for adding mindfulness to your morning commute.

3) Virtual Makeover By Modiface FREE, iTunes, Google Play

Not another makeover app...well yes. But this is the most realistic by far. Oh, and it’s really fun too. Simply take a selfie with your hair up and transform your look - from hairstyles you’d love to try but never dared actually do, to lipstick colours you are debating buying.

4) SleepBot FREE Android and iOS

Who doesnt wish for an extra hour’s sleep every day? Well this beauty app will change the face of your zzz’s. It’s a sleep tracking app that tracks your sleep activity in order to help you get a good night's rest, and the best part is that the beauty app's smart alarm, allows you to set a range of time to be woken up by e.g. bewteen 6.30 -7am . It then triggers the alarm based on your sleep activity, waking you at the optimum point in your sleep cycle so you feel the most rested.

5) @Mirror FREE Android and iOS

Got an important meeting and have just got off a sweaty tube? Use this mirror app to check your reflection and avoid any embarrassing faux pas. Unlike your phone's camera it brightens your image, to increase visibility, allows you to zoom in and freeze the image to check for any stray bits of lunch between your teeth.

6) My Beauty Matches quiz, FREE All Devices

Okay, you got us. Technically we’re not an app, but we can be used on your phone (so points for that at least). We are a premium personalised beauty shopping site, and our ethos is based upon our insightful quiz (play it here https://www.mybeautymatches.com/questionnaire/0), of which the unique algorithm allows us to impartially recommend the right beauty products for you based upon your unique answers (skin type, hair troubles favourite brands). Combined with the game-changing Universal Shopping Basket technology we are the largest one stop shop for all high end, time poor consumers. So you no longer need to switch between beauty websites to buy all your beauty essentials (and not so essentials) as we have it ALL here. As an added bonus you can compare prices from each retailer, meaning you will always get the best price possible.

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