5 Times Bella Hadid Gave Us Serious Instagram Envy

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Bella Hadid is only 19 but boy is she going places. Recently, she left us agog at Cannes, with how that dress stayed on. So it's no surprise that Bella Hadid has been snapped up by luxury makeup brand, Dior, as the new face of their beauty range. To celebrate the partnership, the 19-year-old beauty will star in a sensational new collection of web videos, dubbed Dior Makeup Live With Bella Hadid, which will be released on June 6. EER I will most DEFINITELY be watching those.

Having previously walked for the likes of Chanel, Givenchy and Miu Miu, is no stranger to the modeling gig, but has yet to front a beauty campaign. However this year, Bella follows in her equally gorgeous sisters Gigi's footsteps, who is currently a face of Maybelline and has landed her own beauty campaign. And what a campaign it is.

We took a look at her most recent envy inducing posts on Instagram, read on to see just how Bella landed that Dior campaign. Warning, these posts will make you green with envy.

The Dior Confirmation

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To get in on the perfect skin action, try using Dior Primers Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer £26.10 before your foundation for a Bella worthy glow, because, well it would be rude not to use Dior wouldn't it?

Splashing around with @voguejapan

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Don't look like that on holiday? Don't worry, me either. Tone your bod like Bella with NIP + FAB Tummy Fix £19.25 , it may not get you a Vogue cover, but it will help get your tummy taut and toned.

Fringe Envy

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Casually rocking a perfect 20's fringe and not looking the least bit surprised (when I had this I had to walk around with my eyebrows permanently raised to make my forehead look less conspicuous). Keep your fringe in check with Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray £21.50, this super hold resin will keep your fringe firmly in place with no annoying separating until you brush it out.

That Vogue Cover

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Yes, Bella landed her first Vogue, yes she's only 19. I may have a decade on her but that doesn't mean I can't copy her style. Rock her retro curly hair with a retro product. Bumble & Bumble Bb Curl Conditioning Mousse £22.00. This is the best thing for curly hair since the 80's mouse first came round. This new version provides frizz free, defined curls without any of the original "crunch".

Mesmer-EYES-ing for W Korea

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Anyone else wish they had eyes deeper than an exotic rock pool? Make the most of what you do have with a copper liner to bring out the colour in your eyes. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color, Copper £26.50

Okay, enough. I can view no more. On that note, Ciao Bella until next time, the next time I get stuck on your instagram page 43 weeks in that is.

Get your own slice of the Dior action, and check out their full range.

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