5 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Anti Ageing Routine This Winter

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Now that we are well into the depths of Winter what does this mean for our skin? You might think fading tans, visible sun damage, flaky, dry and dehydrated skin?

However don’t despair, because in many ways Winter is actually a great time to recharge the skin and tackle anti - ageing head on with more potent ingredients, as we won’t be exposing our skin to too much sunlight.

Bring On The Oil

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Incorporating an evening oil into your skin care regime is essential during the Winter months due to the skin absorbing oil better than it does water. Oils are great for anti - ageing as they’re rich in overnight repairing and regenerating ingredients which can prove to be a skin saviour this season. My favourite is Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil, £85. I recommend this deep blue oil to a lot of my clients and find that they often see fantastic results with fine lines, pores, and an overall improvement in their complexion.


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Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that works incredibly well for reversing sun damage, stimulating collagen and decreasing large pores. However as with any new ingredient the skin needs an adaptation period with Retinol, but if you persevere the results are worth it. Generally best used at night under an oil so that the skin does not feel dry, start off by including Retinol in your skin care regime once or twice a week and gradually increase. Medik8 is a fantastic brand and I highly recommend their Retinol 6, £29.59 which contains is 0.6% Retinol and is supported by Vitamin E for skin dryness. Use it – it is amazing!

Diet Change

An increase in healthy fatty foods can really make a difference in your skin over the Winter period. Smother everything with Linseed Oil which helps to curb sugar cravings and look after the gut, a great ingredient during the festive season. It will also help to increase the natural moisture factors in the skin preventing drying and cracking and improving plumpness.

Take Your Skin To The Gym

One of London’s latest anti - ageing trends at the moment is SkinGym which combines a range of treatments to boost skin circulation. Take your face for a workout with a muscle gymnastic massage and skin toning technology which will give your cheeks a noticeably higher appearance and visibly reduce sagging jowls. This extra boost of circulation prevents you from looking sallow skinned this winter and keeps your cheeks rosy and bright.

Home Peels

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This is a great time of the year to tackle skin ageing concerns and a great at - home peel can reverse a lot of the damage you caused in the Summer. I cannot recommend Cosmedix enough as a great professional and home peeling brand. The Cosmedix Benefit Peel, £131.74 punches high with ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol and fruit enzymes. This zesty treatment will lift last summer’s damage and see your skin looking as good as new.