5 Ways To Take Your Vitamins Without Mainlining Kale Smoothies

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At this time of year, we can often feel sluggish and grey, a winter of hiding away in the dark, eating comforting carbs can leave us feeling like we need a beauty spring clean and a few extra vitamins to put a figurative spring in our step, and start preparing us for winter.

So whilst a trip to Planet Organic, stocking up on Kale, Spirulina and other Goop worthy concoctions will of course do you wonders (even if you have to drink them through gritted teeth) there are many beauty brands harnessing the power of vitamins to inject some much needed goodness to our daily beauty routines, so why not try vitamin enriched skincare and haircare, without having to reach for the nutribullet,

From Vitamin C in beauty products to reduce the effects of sun damage and boost brightness, Vitamin E helps to blocks free radicals (which are the pesky causers of aging and wrinkles) and keeps skin looking youthful, and vitamin D to help the body absorb much need calcium without resorting to a naughty sunbed and exposing the body to harmful rays. Here are my top picks of the vitamin bunch:

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If like me, the winter weather has left you red faced, skin feeling a little irritable and generally grumpy then cult US brand Malin and Goetz will help perk you right up with their Vitamin E Face Moisturiser £37.00 The neutralising, vitamin enriched skincare cream is packed with chamomile, vitamins E and B5 will re-balance your skin’s PH and leave you feeling soft, smooth and able to crack a smile without cracking your skin.

With a winter of frigid air and drying central heating I have had to switch up my hair care routine for more nourishing products to keep my naturally wavy hair at bay, rather than the frizzy, dry, haystack it attempts to turn into. I am currently fighting off my other half from swiping all of my gorgeously scented Weleda’s Oat Replenishing Conditioner £9.95 bursting with organic oats and vitamin B1 it promotes the growth of strong, thicker, shinier and healthier hair.

Hands up who’s mitts need some TLC? Hands often get taken for granted, with washing up, tapping away on those keyboards and drying nail polish removers can leave cuticles dry and cracked. One of my favourite time savers is keeping the Nails Inc cuticle oil pen £14.00 on my desk and you simply paint it on with the handy applicator brush (designed like cult fave, Touche Eclat £23.50) whenever you need a hydration hit from the super nourishing vitamin E packed oil.

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One of my favourite ways to switch up my makeup from day to night is with a swipe of tomato red lipstick, if it has a matte texture, that’s even better. Yet, my favourite matte textures can really take their toll, so for a little respite, Clinique’s Vitamin C lip smoothie £18.50 gives lips the prettiest pop of glossy colour, or if I really can’t bear to give up the matte look, I ensure I pop a nourishing balm like Kora Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm £19.00 in my handbag for whenever I feel the need a vitamin hit. It’s made with 99% natural ingredients to from Avocado, Jojoba and Rosehip, vitamins C & E, surely that’s one of your 5 a day? And if it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr….

So there you have it. 5 ways to get your beauty multivitamins without having to get your hands (or Nutri bullet) dirty.

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