5 Zero Calorie Beauty Buys To Totally Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings This Weekend

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Calling all chocoholics! How do you get your chocolate fixes? Do you melt it slowly between thumb and forefinger? Do you dip a spoon in Nutella, or or nibble around the sides of a Kit Kat? Do you put whole Lindt Balls in your mouth and wait for the sweet, gooey goodness to dissolve slowly upon your tongue? We get it, the texture, the taste, however you eat it, it's totally delicious, and the added nutritional naughtyness can often enhance to the appeal. To help you celebrate Easter without reaching for the chocolate eggs, us beauty junkies at My Beauty Matches, put our heads together over a date and cacao smoothie natch (it's healthy I swear) to round up the HOTTEST, chocolate beauty products, to satisfy your sweet-tooth with non of the guilt.

Chocolate may get a bad rep from nutritionists, but the Il Profvmo Chocolate Frais Perfume £75.00 is a surprisingly refreshing way to enjoy cocoa based treats. Chocolate notes are blended with absinthe, almond tree flowers, green apple and pomegranate for a scent that is good enough to eat.

Vegans can enjoy delicious chocolate too with Faith in Nature Chocolate Shampoo £5.49 and Conditioner £5.49 Vegan Society Certified and enriched with organic Chocolate, Vanilla and Sage they paraben and sulphate free for the ultimate guilt free chocolate treats.

Dark Chocolate lovers need to look no further than Yves Saint Laurent's Chocolate Reflections Eyeliner £26.50 for a rich, dark, longlasting chocolate fix.

Technically not chocolate, but no one likes a pedant, and Essie's Cakes A Creamy Nail Polish £6.00is a gorgeously rich, dark, chocolatey brown that deserves one of the top spots on our chocolate beauty products hit list and it means if you do slip up and demolish a few Easter Eggs, you can hide the evidence on your mitts in a hurry.

So why not make like the Easter (yoga) bunny and gift your friends and family some guilt-free chocolate beauty products this year, for all the goodness, but zero calories.

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