6 Post Gym Beauty Hacks To Go From Fit To Fabulous In Under 10 Minutes

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You get an hour for lunch break and it’s the only time you’ve got this week to hit the gym. But you’ll never make it back to the office in time after lunchtime yoga, and, even if you do make it back you’ll be so tomato red, have hair plastered to your forehead and smell sweatier than the finish line at next weeks London marathon right? WRONG. We’ve put together the best time saving beauty tips that will having you looking both fit and fabulous in 10 minutes flat. Read on for the quick beauty hacks that will blow your lunch time gym avodance excuses out of the water.

1) Clean up

Save time in the shower by using a hydrating shower oil, which will cleanse and moisturise in one go. As trying to rub moisturiser into damp skin can often make you even more hot and bothered. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil £18 leaves you squeaky clean, smelling delicious and your skin moisturised in one easy step.

2) Cool Off

If you hit the runner or have a quick spin session, chances are you worked up a bit of a sweat and are still felling pretty warm post shower. To cool down faster you have three choices that really work. You can blast yourself with cold water, which isn’t for the faint hearted. A less barbaric tip is to dry off with a cool towel. Pop it in the fridge at work pre-workout, sounds odd but it’ll work like a charm at halting that post workout sweat. If there isn’t a fridge handy glug down some icy water which will also help reduce core temperature faster.

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3) Skip the shower

If you have managed to escape with no more sweat than a dewy glow (lucky you, this never happens to me) you can always skip the shower. Clean off with body wipes instead Fake Bake Passionfruit Exfoliating wipes £25.00 are these ultra-convenient wipes fit easily into your gym bag, the snap top stops them drying out if you forget to unpack it and they easily eliminate residual sweat and oil without the need to shower.

4) Face Facts

Body done. Now time for the face. First things first you need to do a fast sweep of you face with a micellar water, they cleanse, moisturise and remove makeup quickly. This travel sized Bioderma Sensiblio Micelle Solution £4.80 is quick and efficient, and THE product in every beauty editors gym bag.

5) Make-up

You’ve got five minutes left so you need to work fast with some versatile products. The aerobic exercise will have left you with a gorgeous dewy glow and colour in your cheeks so work with it. Foundation might just slide straight off your glowing skin so forgo it for once. The sweat will have cleansed your pores like a mini facial so this is the ideal time to let your skin breathe. The more you do it, the clearer it will get. Win win. Can’t bear to skip makeup altogether? Then the best way to look instantly groomed is groomed brows. Sleek Brow Perfector £5.99 giving brow definition and taming any wayword strays. Combine this with a volumising mascara Benefit They’re Real Mascara £19.50 Luscious long lashes make you appear "done" without having to wear much on your face. Winner.

6) Hair

No time for a wash and blow dry. This is where trusty dry shampoo steps in. Batiste Dry Shampoo in blush £2.09 is the fastest way to soak up any excess oil. Spray on, rub in and have bouncy, shiny hair by the time you’re back in the office.

With these quick beauty hacks there are no excuses for not hitting the gym, so pack your kit and hit that treadmill!

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