6 Stupid Mistakes That Will Leave You With Permanent Dark Circles

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Every morning I jump out of bed (okay it’s more of a sedate crawl) look into the mirror and am greeted with more bags than the Louis Vuitton trunk show and the conundrum of how to get rid of these dark under eyes. However it’s not just lack of sleep that can exacerbate under eye shadows, things like seasonal allergies, eczema, water retention and sleeping face down can also aggravate the area. Condition. Lets also not forget self inflicted exercises such as smoking and alcohol. So I went on a mission to find out exactly *how to reduce my eye bag*s and came up with these 5 daily occurnaces that most of us are guilty of doing, and sadly these make under eye bags even worse. So fingers crossed by correcting these mistakes we can be blessed with the sparkly, wide eyed peepers of our youth and get rid of our dark under eyes for good...

1. You’re wearing concealer that is too dark or light

Like weight, boob size and feet in the heat, your skin tone can also fluctuate due to many factors for seasonal tanning, or winter paleness, heat, hormonal changes and diet. Therefore it’s important to change your concealer shade to match it.Otherwise you risk the It's always better to use one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone rather than darker, otherwise you will look like you are sporting black eyes. However too light and you run the risk of covering your dark circles but drawing attention to them.

2. Your diet contains too much salty food

Salt is not only linked to high blood pressure, but also sodium can cause fluid retention and puffiness around the eyes. Try and avoid high salt foods and pop a few more fresh fruits and veggies in your diet instead.

3. You sleep on your front

By sleeping on your front you are giving gravity a helping hand and increasing the fluid that can pool in your face. Which can make eye bags worse. To get rid of under eye circles try sleeping on your back instead. If you add an extra pillow under your head you are fighting the effect of gravity even more And you will escape from a pillow-creased face in the morning too.

4. You're not eating enough spinach

For those who haven’t been caught up in the green juice craze, make sure you are getting your vitamins in other ways, especially iron. An iron deficiency can cause dark under-eye circles due to the lack of oxygen in your cells. Which gives your skin that lovely rosey glow. Without it you look place, ashy and dark circles are pronounced. To get rid of those dark undereye circles, keep drinking those smoothies, it'll make a difference!

5. You need to calm down

When you are stressed your blood is directed to your heat and other main organs to keep up your racing heart, and shallow breathing. Leaving your face looking drained and pale. The stark contrast between your skin and under eyes becomes far more noticeable. If that’s not an excuse to sit back and relax then I don't know what it.

6. Your makeup has run

This is the best scenario when reducing undereye circles. After a long day in the office mascara and eyeliner can very often smudge, flake and settle under the yes making you look like you have terrible dark circles, but in fact it's nothing that a decent makeup remover can’t fix. Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup yet the formula is still gentle on sensitive eyes.

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