6 Damaging Hair Removal Mistakes. Are You Doing It Wrong?

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Hair removal...Whether it's summer, winter, for a hot date (or not so hot date), gym class or simply for confidence reasons we are all going to make a foray into hair removal at some point in our lives. Most of us at least on a weekly basis. If you fall into this regular hair removal category you would have thought we’d have the process down to a fine art by now. Sadly we continue to make the same terrible mistakes without realising, these are not only time consuming but can also damage your skin in the long term. Leading to premature ageing, scarring and of course spending our time getting rid of ingrown hairs, dry patches and soothing razor burn.

Are you making these mistakes? Read on to find out how to remove hair for smooth, nick free skin.

Mistake 1: Shaving every day

This is the most common hair removal mistake, especially in summer when legs and arms get a daily airing. It might seem like a quick and easy fix to shave everyday in order to maintain that smooth feeling, however, shaving only removes hair at the skin’s surface. By constantly cutting the hair, it will make the hair feel thicker and fuller. Not to mention shaving daily can aggravate your skin and cause nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Home waxing has become a lot easier and a lot less messy that in used to be. Done correctly results can rival that of salons. Try Nair Argan Oil Resin Roll On Wax it’s foolproof to use, grabs even the shortest hairs and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Mistake 2: Dry Shaving

Just don’t do it! This causes skin serious trauma. Not only will it give you a nasty case of razor burn but over time it will lead to skin damage and age spots and even sun sensitivity. So lather up fast. Not only does this make for a more comfortable shave but it also softens the hair and allows for a closer shave too. Meaning longer lasting results.

Mistake 3: Not changing your razor often enough

Dull blades = irritated skin. Oh and ingrown hairs. Spending time getting rid of them is not what you need on a balmy summer day. Irritation is caused by you exerting too much pressure on the skin to remove the hair and exert more pressure on the skin to get rid of the hair, and tearing the epidermal layer. Bic Soleil Disposable Razors have 4 blades for a super close shave and at that price you can afford to change them every other shave.

Mistake 4: Waxing in the wrong direction Choosing the wrong wax for your skin: Some people aren’t aware of the differences between hard wax, strip wax, and elastic wax. “If you have exceptionally sensitive skin and you’re using a strip wax (the most popular option) or a hard wax, the wax can burn the skin and be difficult to remove,” says Grupenmager.

Mistake 5: Leaving your razor in the shower

A hot, steamy environment combined with dead skin cells (your razor FYI) is a breeding ground for bacteria. Which can lead to any nicks and ingrown hairs getting a nasty infection. Once used pat it dry and pop it back in the cupboard until next time.

Mistake 6: Waxing in the wrong direction

Smooth wax on in the direction of the hair growth and then pull off in the opposite direction, not outwards! By pulling outwards and not backwards you can tear the hair follicle causing bleeding and broken hair which can lead to nasty ingrown hairs. Post wax smooth on Australian Bodycare After Wax Lotion to sooth sensitive skin, the antibacterial 5% tea tree oil helps prevent any ingrown hairs and spots appearing.

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