6 Life-Changing Skincare Products To Combat Ageing

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Getting wrinkles is all part of ageing, those little crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes, the smile lines in your cheeks and the frown lines on your forehead. Not everyone wants or can afford botox but still wants to get rid of wrinkles, or at least reduce them once they appear.

No woman likes being asked their age. As women begin to get older, many in fact lie about their age, taking off a few years (or 10) in the hope that they are believed. Acting your age is one thing, being young at heart is wonderful, and heck, even at a young age of 23, I don’t think I ever want to grow up - mainly due to the responsibilities and ‘boring’ adult things that you’re expected to do, such as get a mortgage, get your finances in order, take out an ISA, have kids etc.

Actually looking your age is a whole other ball game. No one wants to look their age. At 16, you’re trying to look 18, at 18, you’re trying to look 21 and anyone over the age of 30 are usually trying to look 5-10 years younger.

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With the new skincare technologies that have developed over the last decade, women needn’t worry about ageing skin, wrinkles or dark spots that come with growing older, as there are so many products that can both help prevent skin ageing, and get rid of wrinkles if you already have them. Turning back the clock is a lot easier these days, and those 10 years you lie about, will actually become believable.

One brand in particular - Alpha H, stands out above the rest when it comes to anti ageing skin care. Stocked in all the high end stores, it has even been endorsed by many publications, boasting of their results.

Split into an easy to follow day and night skincare routines, we’ve found 6 of the best products on the market to help you get rid of wrinkles.


The Balancing Cleanser is a hydrating non-foaming creamy cleansing lotion that’s perfect for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. The 3-in-1 function means that it completely removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof mascara) as well as toning and re-balancing the skin's natural pH level.

Restore youthful firmness to the eye and lip area with Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream. The lightweight but nourishing cream blends Vitamins A, C and E with essential fatty acids and with each application the signs of stress and dehydration are diminished, leaving your eye and lip contour visibly more supple and luminous.

Finally, finish with the Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF 50+. This dual-purpose moisturiser which entwines sun protection with skin health to ensure your daily moisturiser acts as a three-in-one age blocker, wrinkle preventer and collagen saver.


Start with the same Balancing Cleanser as in the morning, being sure to remove any trace of makeup or toxins on the skin.

To remove the toxins within your pores and deeper beneath the skin’s surface, use the Gentle Daily Exfoliant which features a unique way to renew the skin using crushed fruit enzymes naturally sourced from Papaya and Pineapple. This non-abrasive, micro-exfoliating treatment effortlessly lifts away dulling debris, sweeps out blocked pores and leaves the skin noticeably brighter, smoother and feeling baby soft.

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Use the Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream once again for that plumped eye and lip area to help get rid of wrinkles, and on alternate evenings, use the Liquid Laser Concentrate and the Liquid Laser Super Anti-Ageing Balm.

Both of these Liquid Laser products bridge the gap between topical skin care and invasive treatments. The intensive, overnight treatment serum and balm, are enriched with juveleven, hydranov-p, glycolic acid, vitamin B3 and ferulic acid which help diminish age spots and ‘undo’ visible signs of sun damage and ageing overnight.

Following this skin care regime should help to reduce the appearance of ageing and get rid of wrinkles after a prolonged use. Remember, it take 28 days for your skin to regenerate for you to see a visible difference in your skin.

Anti-ageing products on the market are plentiful, and unlike Alpha H, a lot don’t live up to our expectations. By taking our quiz, we can help you find the right product to help you get rid of wrinkles or help prevent them at an early stage.

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