6 Steps To A Breakout Free You

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When it comes to practicing the art of skin satisfaction there are several steps I preach to maintaining a killer complexion, but if there’s one skin imperfection which is the killer of all mood killers it’s the appearance of an unsightly breakout.

Generally accompanied as a result of stress, bad diet, hormonal changes or environmental factors, breakouts are probably the number 1 topic I get asked about as a beauty editor here at My Beauty Matches, and in all honesty my answer generally lies somewhere in - between a healthy combination of the above and a systematic skin care regime.

Whilst breakouts can often be seen as the betrayal factor or an excuse to loose faith in your skin care routine, it is in fact just as important if not more important to keep on top of your skin when you breakout than ever before.

Leading South African skin care brand Africology are just one eco - friendly brand I'm really into at the moment, and if you're a fan of natural skin care and looking to break free from breakouts they could just be the skin care solution you've been looking for too.

Step 1 - Purifying Cleansing Gel

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As soon as a breakout sets sight on my skin I'm very cautious as to what I apply on my face in order to treat it accordiningly. Africology's Purifying Cleansing Gel, £26.50 is a great place to start for a gentle yet thorough cleanse. Infused with lavender oil, seaweed and green rooibos this cleansing gel contains anti - inflammatory properties to calm redness, ease congestion and purify without dehydrating the skin.

Step 2 - Exfoliating Cream

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Whilst you shouldn't exfoliate directly on an emerging breakout, weekly exfoliating is a key step to breakout prevention. I like Africology's Exfoliating Cream, £13.50 which is a must have for spot prone skin. Don't be fooled by its lightweight creamy consistency though, as this exfoliating cream certainly gets down to business where problem skin is concerned. Enriched with jojoba beads, marula seed oil, aloe ferox and green rooibos leaf extract this exfoliator will have your skin looking it's best in no time.

Step 3 - Clay Masque

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The best thing you can do for your skin after exfoliating is to apply a deep cleansing mask, Africology's Clay Masque, £13 helps to absorb excess oil and relieve the signs of problematic skin, for a clearer and more refined complexion.

Step 4 - Anti - Reactive Tonic

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A few spritz's of Africology's Anti - Reactive Tonic, £25 can go a long way where breakouts are concerned. Spritz your way to spot free skin with Africology's Anti Reactive Tonic which contains witch hazel and rooibos leaf extracts to eliminate impurities and relieve against any signs of inflammation or congestion on the skin.

Step 5 - Balancing Serum

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Follow your breakout free regime up with a serum to help with skin texture and minimise oil, I like Africology's Balancing Serum, £22 works wonders to seal in your skin care steps and control problematic prone skin.

Step 6 - SPF 15 Moisturiser

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Last but not least don't forget to moisturise to keep your skin happy, hydrated and healthy. Africology's SPF 15 Moisturiser, £22 is majorly on my radar right now and it's no surprise thanks to its divine extracts of mallow, ivy and cucumber which help to reduce inflammation and deter dehydration. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this moisturiser also contains SPF 15 to protect skin and keep premature ageing at bay.