6 Things Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

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My clients often ask what their skin type is and after 13 years of being a facialist I would feel like a bit of a cheapskate if I just said combination.

I could call every skin combination for the rest of my life if I wanted to! However every skin I work with is as diverse and different as its host. For my clients helping them understand their skin is one of the most important parts to being a skin specialist.

Putting your skin in one skin type category is one of the first steps to getting your skin care regime wrong.

With ever changing climates, hormones, diets and stress your skin type can easily go from an oily mess to as dry as the Sahara desert within a matter of days. Understanding and adapting your skin care daily will help you to achieve superior skin.

Is Your Skin Thirsty?

Experiencing fine superficial lines and a tight feeling? Take a closer look at your skin, can you see multiple thin lines around the eyes? Lack of water in the skin cells gives the appearance of fine aging lines. Smile, does your skin feel tight? If the answer's yes your skin needs watering, it's time to hydrate!

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Slapping on your favourite organic coconut oil is not going to work here. What you need is a serum with Hyaluronic Acid. Personally I think I have tried every Hyaluronic Acid that ever existed in a past quest for the most hydrating facial. So trust me when I say Hylamide’s Low - molecular HA Booster, £18 is the answer to thirsty dehydrated skin.

Is Your Skin Feeling Hungry?

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Spotting the signs of dry, dull, shineless skin? Test it. Take a tissue and press it to your skin for 10 seconds. If there isn’t an oil residue when you remove the tissue, your skin wants nourishment. Sarah Chapman’s Morning Facial £49 It is packed FULL of vitamins and is absorbed easily in the skin to improve elasticity and hydration for a more radiant complexion.

How Does Your Skin Feel?

Stroke your fingers upwards along your face, how would you compare the texture of your skin against a silk or cotton bed sheet? A rough resistance calls for exfoliation. Smooth and silky, no problems here, leave as is.

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Paying closer attention to your cheeks and forehead do you feel a rough resistance or bumpy texture? If yes, it is time to shed layers and clear congestion. Omorovicza Moor Mud, £65 quite honestly changed my chin. My hormonal chin had its own agenda but after using this for a week my chin skin was able to return to its face skin family. Amazing for the whole face, it exfoliates and deeply cleanses. Please note exfoliation is best done at night as skin cells regenerate better when they aren’t fighting off daytime attacks of pollution and UV rays.

Look Into Your Eyes

The eye area is the most affected by health and can change daily. Dark circles this morning? You can afford to use a richer more hydrating eye cream. Creating a cushion of moisture between the underlying capillaries of the eye and the top layer of the skin will help to minimise dark circles.

Suffering from puffiness?

Lay off anything rich around the eye area. Less is more today. You need to flush out your lymphatic system and get the fluids in your body moving. Drink liquids to flush as soon as you wake up. Green tea and lemon water are the best. There is also a great pressure point under the eye on the orbital bone that will drain fluid around the eye into a sinus duct. Gentle pressure every morning is amazing for puffy eyes.

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Tired and lined?

You need an anti aging eye creams here, the more peptides and vitamins in the product the better. I personally recommend having the option of two eye creams. A light serum eye cream and a rich one. If I had to choose one (not a fair question for a skin junkie) I would have to go with Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, £38 which has an ultra lightweight formula but still nutrient dense. It also seriously combats the effects of oxygen depletion keeping the eye area looking revived and clear.

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