6 Vegan Brands You Need To Know About

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With vegan beauty trends taking the shelves by a storm recently, I’ve become more and more intrigued by the values of using natural ingredients, which has led me to making the switch from high street drugstore brands to solely cruelty free vegan brands.

If you have been following my skin care posts, you will know I'm always on the look out for products which are tailored to soothing my sensitive, eczema prone skin. Here are some of my favourite vegan beauty brands I've found through taking the My Beauty Matches quiz.

Dr Botanicals

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I have been using Dr Botanicals products for quite a few months now and I have loved every single product! The packaging is minimal and gorgeous, they use natural ingredients and their products are vegan and cruelty free. I particularly love the Advanced Anti - Oxidant Superfood Facial Oil, £42.99

Balance Me

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I’ve only tried a few products from Balance Me, but I love their body washes and the Pure Skin Face Wash, £15.99 which is so gentle and effective. I definitely want to try more from this brand as I was so impressed with the minis that I’ve tried over the past few years.

Eye Of Horus

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I’ve recently discovered the Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect, £15 again and I cannot stop using it. In the form of a 2 - in - 1 gel and a brow pencil it makes my rush hour mornings so much easier! I also really like their liquid eye liners which are great and stay true to vegan values.

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Green People

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Another fantastic vegan skin care brand that is perfect for my sensitive, eczema prone skin are Green People. I love their Scent Free Sun Lotion, £21 which I’ll definitely be taking on holiday with me this month as well as their sensitive and anti ageing skin care ranges, which are well worth checking out especially if you have reactive skin.

Bomb Cosmetics

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In terms of vegan body care I really like Bomb Cosmetics as they make some of the cutest bath bombs that not only smell incredible and last for ages in the water but they look adorable. The Cloud 9 Body Polish, £8 is also a must have vegan beauty essential which helps to keep my skin extra smooth.


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Last but not least, one of my favourite body care and lip balm brands! I have been using the Korres shower gels for years, I adore the Guava Shower Gel, £3 as it smells like summer in a bottle as well as the equally gorgeous Guava Lip Balm, £8.