5 Ways To Deal With Bacne, ASAP

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Bacne is the bane of some women's lives. Even those who are lucky enough not to suffer from it on a regular basis can still be plagued by the one whopper right between the shoulder blades, or even a smattering of blackheads that are even harder to get rid of (especially when you can't reach) normally right before that important event, such as a wedding, bikini season or when you REALLY want to wear that off the shoulder Celine esq blouse you recently purchased.

First of all, what even is bacne, and when can I see the back of it? Spots, blackheads and acne form when pores or hair follicles become clogged with dead skin and sebum, or oil. Sadly acne can form anywhere on your body where sebaceous glands are found, which is everywhere except your hands and feet. So that’s right, acne can form anywhere from your arms, back, chest, legs to your bottom. Not ideal.

Facial and body acne are similar, however the pores on your back are larger and can become clogged more easily. So look for specific products to target acne on your body. Whilst many people think the sun will help to “dry out” our spots, that is sadly a common misconception. As the sun can damage the skin and in fact make skin and cells weaker leaving your pores at risk of permanent damage which can lead to having professional blackhead removal on a regular basis.

Also with the warmer weather upon us, excess sweat and sebum can clog the pores and cause the formation of further blackheads. Before you put down that dream backless wedding dress, as the thought of a back zip is too much to handle. We have found 5 ways to get rid of blackheads, blemishes and those proper pimples asap.

1. Don’t Skip The Shower

Tempted to skip the shower after the gym in favor of waiting until you get home? Don’t. The sweat that can build up, especially between your sports bra and skin can breed acne causing bacteria leading to a post gym breakout. So rinse off straight away to ensure you don’t need to get rid of blackheads at a later stage.

1. Use A PH Balancing Body Wash

Shower gels can often be harsh and drying, which can cause your back to produce excess sebum to the drying effect of the wash. Use a PH balanced wash. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash contains skin polishing beads to keep pores clean and clear as well as hydrating vitamin E and jojoba to keep skin supple.

3. Exfoliate regularly

A body scrub is essential for keeping pores clear and encouraging cell renewal. If you do suffer from body acne stay clear of oil based scrubs . Ioma Purfiy Body Scrub removes impurities without stripping your skin of any moisture. The coconut infused formula is packed with antioxidants to promote the skin's health.

4. Target that Spot, Fast!

We’ve all woken up and discovered a spot of volcanic proportions has appeared overnight. First of all DON’T Pick it. Then use a targeted spot product containing salicylic acid to clear the blocked pore and get rid of the spot or blackhead quickly without the risk of scarring. The French know their stuff and stock up on Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Pink for those emergency moments, it targets the blemishes fast without drying out the surrounding area.

5. Conceal It

If you are in dire need of a quick fix to rid yourself of spots and blackheads then there is nothing wrong with using makeup and fake tan. As fake tan is slightly drying it will not only help to conceal the redness but also balance oil production. St Tropez Dark Bronzing Spray is oil free and packed with anti-oxidants to help keep skin clear and the dark colour will camouflage against any redness.

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