7 Ways To Draw More Attention To Your Eyes

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As the owner of quite possibly the smallest shrunken almond shaped eyes in the world, if there’s one thing I struggle with makeup wise, it’s assessing how much eye makeup to wear without going too overboard.

Over the years I’ve tried some pretty experimental or should I say disastrous eye shadow techniques to encourage my eyes to stand out that little bit further. From wearing a blend of gold and teal eye shadows on my upper and lower eye lids, to creating the ultimate winged eyeliner look, which didn’t exactly take off if the never to be seen again photo evidence is anything to go by!

When it comes to accentuating smaller eyes I’ve learned the hard way that less is almost certainly more, there's a knack to finding the right technique and approach if you want to draw more attention to your eyes.

Here are my favourite tips and tricks that I promise won’t leave you looking like an over sized panda or reaching for your nearest eye makeup remover.

Step 1 - Find The Right Brush Best Suited To Your Eyes

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For eye shadow looks, I can’t recommend enough to make sure you are always using the right eye defining brush to spread the pigment of your eye shadow as much as possible and really make the most of your shade.

In my experimental eye shadow days I would quite often make one of the most forbidden eye shadow mistakes of using my index finger to apply a colour instead of a brush, which didn’t help to define my eyes in the slightest way, not to mention the streaks of colour that would end up on my dress. Eye shadow brushes are definitely easier to work with and a lot quicker to clean, I like Lin & Lo's Eye Defining Brush No.14, £14 which really helps to evenly spread an eye shadow shade further, especially around hard to reach corners of the eye lid.

Step 2 - Add A Touch Of Sparkle

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Whilst my previous glitter esque eye shadow attempts haven't always resulted in the Hollywood goddess look I've dreamed of, I eventually learned the hard way that when it comes to wearing a glittery eye shadow after the age of 25, the secret almost certainly coincides with the ultimate rule of less is more.

Try applying Lin & Lo’s Sparkling Eyeshadow in Gilded Bronze, £21 with the Lin & Lo Eye Defining Brush No.14, £14 in a light patting motion to add a subtle hint of colour.

I've personally found this is a great universal shade to use for either a morning or evening look, due to the Gilded Bronze shade being of a more neutral lightweight tone which helps to instantly enhance my eyes, without bringing me back to my never to be seen again school disco eye makeup.

Step 3 - Wing Your Way To Eye Perfection

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If you happen to have small eyes like myself, wearing even the slightest bit of eye liner can quite easily be a blessing or a curse for your eye makeup look, but again this all comes down to a steady hand, how well your eye liner is applied and the technique used.

Try Lin & Lo’s Contour Eye Pencil in Black, £16 on your lower lash line for a water resistant finish that will immediately accentuate and draw attention to your eyes. If you prefer a more natural and less intensified lash line Lin & Lo’s Contour Eye Pencil in Brown, £16 is a great choice as it's of a more neutral shade.

When it comes to wearing liquid liner on my upper eye lids I’ll happily put my hands up and say that even as a beauty journalist, I’ve never quite mastered the technique nor the excitement for liquid liner. It’s something which has never quite done enough justice for my eyes, but after having a professional makeup consultation a few years ago I began to see where I was going wrong.

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Using Lin & Lo's Perfect Eyeliner Brush No 19, £14 carefully dip the tip of the brush into Lin & Lo’s Long Lasting Eye Liner, £19 and run the brush over your upper waterline and slowly around your upper lash line, to subtly define your lashes without an overly thick residue.

Step 4 - Lengthen Your Lashes

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Last but not least, no set of eyes are complete without a lengthening lash coating dose of mascara. I love Lin & Lo’s Instant Love Mascara, £21 which helps to volumise and intensify eyes for a clump free, eye awakening finish.