7 Accidental Hair Sins You Have All Been Making!

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Hair never grows past your shoulders? Does it finally get to the length of your dreams and it’s stringier than an old mop? Wish your boyfriend could seductively run his hands through your hair without snagging it and you yelling “OW OW OW OW” Yeah. We’ve all been there. But what if I tell you these things can be avoided and it's because you have been doing your hair wrong all these years? So stop, what you’ve been doing and have a read of our handy tips for healthy hair. Repeat after us… "I will have hair like a Herbal Essence advert” and with a few easy changes you really will.

1) NEVER run your straightening irons over the same piece of hair twice. Run them over each section slowly but just the once. And before you go using those irons make sure to spritz on a thermal heat protectant! You wouldn't take dinner out the oven without using oven gloves would you, as you’d burn your hands? So why subject your hair to naked heat too? Tigi Silky Smooth £11.50 glides on, doesn't make hair sticky and protects hair from heated appliances.

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2) Don’t cheat on your blow drying. We’ve all done it - got up late, given hair a quick blast with the hair dryer and run the straighteners through it only to hear hair SIZZLE. Yes, that's your actual hair. It’s burning! If you really don’t have time to make sure your hair's dry all the way through, try spritzing it with a salt spray, tie it into a loose bun at the nape of the neck and by the time you've got to work and shaken it out you will have gorgeous loose waves. Spray on Redken Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray £13.00 and scrunch into damp hair. The scent alone will transport you to a tropical beach. This is one of the best time saving tips for healthy hair.

3) Don't whack the heat up high, just because you are in a rush. Even the thickest, most unruly mane doesn't need the top heat setting on most appliances, so I very much doubt yours does either. If your curls are dropping out, use a curl enhancing setting balm, Aveda Be Curly Curl enhancer £19.75 gets everything springing the right way. As a fellow curly girly, a top tip is to blast hair with cold air once styled, as it sets the shape and closes the cuticle for more shine.

4) Hairspray protects the hair from heat right? WRONG. The alcohol in hairspray is the equivalent of sitting out in the sun all day wearing nothing but olive oil. So Bad. You will frazzle your hair. Hair spray is for setting and thermal spray is for heat. Easy. Tresemme Salon Finish hair spray £3.74. Is a salon quality product at a great price that will set your style all day. Okay, moving on.

5) Using any old shampoo is fine because you rinse it out, right NOPE. wrong again. If you colour your hair you need to use a sulphate free shampoo that won’t strip the fresh colour from your hair. Sachajuan Colour Save Shampoo £18.00 is the newest shampoo on the block and hails all the way from Sweden. And let’s face it, you never see a Swede with brassy hair. For those who battle frizz, look for a nourishing formula Matric Oil Wonder shampoo £8.95 is bursting with Argan oil to help keep your hair shaft healthy.

6) Over washing is equally sinful. Unlike our pits and bits, hair doesn’t need washing every day. Over Washing strips it of essential oils and will leave it dry and lank. If you are worried about it looking greasy, spritz on a little dry shampoo at the roots to stretch it for an extra day's wear. Klorance Oat Milk Dry Shampoo £8.00 purifies and moisturises hair without clogging up the scalp, and the darker tint makes it suitable for dark hair too. Unlike some brands that can leave hair looking ashy and grey.

7) Popping your hair into a pony. Everyday. I don't blame you for this, sometimes we just need our hair off our faces. Whether you are at work and need to make an important deadline, have scraped hair back at the gym or love the way a high pony gives you serious cheekbone kudos. However a constant kink can cause breakage and stress your roots. So pop it down once in a while, or tie in a loose braid instead.

Having written this article I realise I'm guilty of at least 4 (okay 5 of them) time to stop hair sinning and hopefully these tips for healthy hair, will help my hair tips reach new lengths.

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