5 Incredible Beauty Fixes You Can Do In Your Lunch Break

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If you often struggle to make some time in your diary for a little “me time” these quick beauty fixes can be squeezed into your lunch break and help to care for and relieve sensitive skin, care for nails and nourish hair. They are the ideal way to relax, recharge and get gorgeous fast.

Beauty treatments don’t have to be expensive, complicated or take up much of your precious time. Read on to find 5 incredible beauty fixes that help combat the office aircon, encourage sensitive skin care, fix those nail niggles and combat winter hair syndrome (aka knots and dry ends).

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1. Mini Manicure

We use our hands every day so the least we can do its give them a quick lunchtime pamper every now and again. This mini manicure will keep nails strong, care for sensitive and dry skin and sort out stubborn or chipped polish. Keep a Essence 6 in one Buffer File in your desk draw to sort out any snags, breaks or uneven lengths immediately.

The Nails Inc Nail Polish Remover Pot is ideal for your desk drawer. The innovative internal soaked sponge means no mess or need to remember to bring in any cotton pads. Simply pop your finger tip in, twist it round and reveal clean nails. The gorgeous vanilla scent won’t upset your colleagues either.

2. Nourish Your Hair

Does the office air con or lack of it, leave your hair frizzy and dry? Then simply smooth on Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil on to the lengths and ends and pull in to a low bun. The hair oils nourish dry ends, and soothe any frizz and at the end of the day you can undo the bun and will be left with shiny, sleek waves. Hows that for a 2 in 1 lunchtime fix?

3. Instant Face-lift

Too much staring at a computer can leave your eyes tired, dry and the delicate skin sensitive. Care for your eyes and get an instant face-lift by running Bakel Cool Eyes rollerball around the eye area. The cooling metal gives instant soothing relief and an incredible tightening effect, making you look wide awake in seconds.

4. Dry Skin Savior

Caring for dry and sensitive skin in the office can be a chore, as additional moisturising can play havoc with your carefully applied makeup. Refresh your face and revive your mind in your lunch break by closing your eyes and misting your skin with NARS Multi-Action Hydrating Toner. The gentle revitalising toner, re-energising and tones. The Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Oil-Free,formula e=leaves even the most sensitive skin cared for.

5. Desk Side Pedicure

Feet are always the ones that get left out, as out of sight (under your desk) and out of mind. Instead of ignoring them why not indulge your feet too in a little lunchtime pamper. Now we are not saying kick off your heels, place our feet on the desk and start applying nail polish. But if you do have a moment to spare, and perhaps a little privacy. Why not kick off your uncomfortable heels and mist your feet with the award winning podiatrists Bare Feet By Margaret Dabbs London Cooling Foot Spray For Happy Feet the cooling spray contains revitalising ginger, moisturising and antibacterial manuka honey and cooling menthol that will instantly revive tired feet and legs and nourish and care for dry and sensitive skin.