The Brand That's Making Waves With Marula Oil And More

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Essentials oils have seized the beauty industry in more ways than anyone could have expected over the last decade. Renowned for their super - healing and naturally organic benefits, they have become the ultimate miracle cure, and 1 beauty treasure I refuse to be parted from for more than 8 hours.

Devised by solely naturally sourced extracts, essential oils have the ability to strengthen your skin nourishment levels, de - stress your mind and repair imperfections within 1 use. One brand I really like at the moment for their oil infused beauty products are Daughter Of The Soil, who have formulated their hand and body range with 3 Miracle Oils: Shea Butter, Baobab Oil and Marula Oil.

Shea Butter: To Heal And Hydrate enter image description here Shea Butter has got to be one of the first ingredients I look for when trialling a new body butter. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so luxurious to the ultra - rich extract, which makes an impressionable impact upon the moment it hits my skin. After coming across Daughter Of The Soil’s body care range and noticing they had not 1 but 2 body butters on offer, it’s safe to say my skin could sense hydration heaven a mile off! Having trialled both products for my daily and nightly regime, I’ve discovered two new found favourites which I will not be putting down anytime soon.

Daughter Of The Soil’s Shea White Mulberry Body Butter, £39 and Daughter Of The Soil’s Unfragranced Shea Body Butter, £38 could not be more sumptuous if they tried. The super silky consistency to both formulas is what has won me over more than anything, along with the ultra - hydrating properties which go beyond the lengths of a standard body butter, and save me from having to apply anything else throughout the day. As for one the most undecidable tasks of debating whether to apply a scented or unscented body butter, Daughter Of The Soil have solved one of my biggest beauty battles by offering both options.

Baobab Oil: to Repair And Maintain Skin Cells

enter image description here Baobab Oil isn’t an oil I was familiar with upon discovering the Daughter Of The Soil range. However since using the Baobab and Rooibos White Mulberry Body Wash, £27 and Baobab and Rooibos White Mulberry Body Lotion, £32 I’ve become irresistible to the rich spicy scent which is ideal for awakening my body and mind after a late night.

Both Daughter Of The Soil’s body wash and body lotion also contain Rooibos Tea, which is naturally high in zinc to help with preventing body acne, migraines and insomnia. After a enduring the longest deadline day at work, my eyes will often become dry or I’ll have the headache from hell after staring at the computer screen all day, this alone is one of the reasons why I’ve made a promise to myself to indulge in more me time, even if it is just 1 night a week when I have the house to myself or the kids are asleep. The Baobab and Rooibos range, is just one of the luxuries from Daughter Of The Soil that I’m looking forward to locking away into my therapy escape box, to keep my promise to make more time for myself and most importantly preserve my sanity.

Marula Oil: To Retain Skin Elasticity And Nourishment enter image description here As a rule I generally find my hands are more susceptible to becoming increasingly drier than anywhere else on my body, probably because I have quite sensitive skin which can flare up at the slightest sense of a new product. This would be ok if it lasted just a day, but the unsightly flakiness can often hang around for good week, which is very inconvenient when I want to display my new nails or collect my change from the supermarket!

My hands will quite easily go from resembling jelly (as my Auntie often describes them) to looking like an 90 - year - olds overnight, they become shriveled and lose elasticity which isn’t the most professional look for a beauty journalist. Daughter Of The Soil Marula Chai Tea Hand Wash, £29 and Marula Chai Tea Hydrating Hand Lotion, £28 has really helped my hands to regain their softness and elasticity thanks to the high source of Vitamin E found in Marula Oil.

If this wasn’t enough the range also contains Chai Tea which just happens to be one of my herbal heros at the moment, for repairing dry skin and inflammation along with increasing blood circulation. As hand lotions go, the consistency to this one from Daughter Of The Soil has a reasonably good texture unlike other generic brands which can often appear very thin and wear off easily. Based on this factor of the hand range from Daughter Of The Soil I shall not be switching to anything else in the near future and am so relieved my hands finally resemble someone of my generation!